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7 Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

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We all know the feeling of sitting on your couch in the evening as the weekend is coming to an end and realizing a whole new work week is ahead of you—the dreaded Sunday scaries. You’ve probably had this feeling for a long time, even as a kid when the weekend is over and it’s time to head back to school on Monday morning. But, Sundays don’t have to be scary. Giving yourself something to look forward to on Monday is a great way to keep yourself from dreading the end of the week. And, it’s important to make sure you spent the weekend relaxing. That way, you feel refreshed and ready to get back to work by the time Monday rolls around. If you find yourself panicking every Sunday night, help yourself relax and prepare for the week ahead with some of these tips to ditch the Sunday scaries.

1. Make Sunday Your Self-Care Day

The best way to get yourself ready for Monday is by treating yourself the day before. If you’re feeling your best, you’ll go into Monday with a motivated and productive attitude. In the morning, take your time enjoying your cup of coffee and read a book or a newspaper to kickstart your brain. Try not to put off weekend chores until the last minute as it will only make Sunday feel worse. Instead, turn Sunday into a self-care day and plan to do things that are going to make you feel good. Exercise in the afternoon by going for a run, playing a sport or riding your bike. This is a great way to still enjoy the day and setting yourself up for success. Practicing yoga or setting time aside to meditate can also leave you feeling great and mentally recharged. Whatever you choose to do, make it part of your weekly routine so you find yourself looking forward to Sundays instead of dreading them.

2. Plan a Fun Monday Event

One of the reasons we dislike Mondays is because it feels as if all the carefree fun of the weekend comes to a jarring halt. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, Mondays can be tiring after a day of work, but try to plan a weekly activity on this day to give yourself something to look forward to. It can even just be an at-home routine. Movie junkies might want to make Monday the night that they try to discover a new flick. Keep a list of movies you’re interested in seeing and start crossing them off each week. If you’d rather get out of the house after work, get your friends together for a weekly dinner out or meet at the brewery for a beer to help you unwind. Anything you can do to make Monday more fun will beat off those Sunday scaries.

3. Set a Weekly Goal for Yourself

While sometimes the best way to beat the Sunday scaries is by focusing on yourself and letting yourself forget about work for a little bit, other times it can help to get yourself in the Monday mood the night before. Make a to-do list to help you feel more organized and prepared on Sunday night. This may even give you a sense of empowerment that you already know exactly what needs to be done the next day. Then, set a weekly goal for yourself. This can be something small and simple and doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related. Having a goal for the week in mind will keep you driven and allows you time to reflect on your progress the following Sunday.

4. Read a Book or Watch a Movie Before Bed

Give yourself a chance to escape by falling into a great story, whether you prefer reading a book or settling in for a good movie. While hanging around the house, you can wear your vape around your neck so you can keep it by your side even while you unwind. Movies and books are the perfect forms of entertainment and a super helpful way to distract you from the work-related projects or issues that may start to creep into your mind on Sunday night. Give yourself the night off. After all, it is still the weekend for a few more hours.

5. Hang with a Friend

Everyone gets the Sunday scaries, so why not spend some time with friends to help you both enjoy your Sunday? Plan to grab lunch or chill at the house in the evening and bring your vape along so you can swap vape juice and experiment with new flavors. Spending time with your friends can distract you from the week ahead and remind you that we’re all in this together.

6. Avoid Going Out

If you’re going to meet up with your friends for a drink on Sunday, try to limit your alcohol consumption to just one or two drinks. The only thing that makes a Monday feel worse is fighting off a hangover first thing in the morning. This fits into the idea of self-care Sunday. Set yourself up for success by doing things that are going to make you feel healthy and productive, so you can start your week off on the right foot.

7. Plan an Activity During the Day

Many people make the mistake of saving their weekend chores for Sunday, but instead, try getting your errands done ahead of time and turn the Sunday scaries into Sunday Funday. If the weather is nice, head outdoors and play some cornhole, spend the day at the beach or invite your friends over for a backyard barbecue. Finding a way to enjoy your Sunday will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go by Monday morning.

The Sunday scaries can set in at any time of day, but instead of giving in to the feeling, remind yourself that Sunday doesn’t have to be so scary. Spend the time pampering yourself to get your mind and body on the same page or head out for a fun day with friends. Most importantly, give yourself something to be excited about on Monday so you find yourself waiting for Sunday nights instead of dreading them.


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