7 Staple Items Every Man Must Have In His Wardrobe In 2020

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Let’s face it, men aren’t the most adventurous when it comes to choosing outfits, but that’s not to say this accounts for all men, as there are plenty of guys out there at the forefront of fashion. Lockdown proved a challenge for many of us in terms of fashion sense, but, despite endless online purchases, we have spent the best part of the last few months living in pyjamas. If you feel like you don’t know where to turn, we are here to help. This list of wardrobe essentials will keep you looking and feeling your best!

Smart Shirt & Trousers

There’s no time for being uncomfortable in a suit, and unless you are investing in a tailored to fit, so shirt and trousers will cover you for any formal occasion. You can dare to be adventurous with colours and patterns and staying within the more formal remit. If you are going down the colourful route, check there are no clashing patterns or colours which could lead to a fashion faux pas.

Summer Trainers

A quick and simple way to stay on-trend and show off your sense of fashion is with your footwear choice. There are many brands and specialist retailers on the high street producing stand-out trainers in a variety of colours and styles so, no matter what your taste or requirements you can find the pair. You will see limited releases and collaborations appear from time to time so, if these are more your taste, you better act fast as they sell out straight away and more often than not end up on the resale market.

Fresh White T Shirt

Nothing beats the look and feel of a fresh white t shirt, or any other colour t shirt for that matter. When stocking your wardrobe with essentials colour is crucial, and white will match most other colours meaning with these on hand, you won’t be spending long finding a suitable outfit. If plain isn’t your things or you want to add a little bit of personality to your white t shirts, then consider the means of personalisation. Banana Moon Clothing has all the garments and information on personalised clothing and is ready to help you on your journey to personalisation.


When it comes to adding the perfect pair of jeans to your wardrobe, you need timeless style and durability. There are so many different trends that you could fill an entire wardrobe with just jeans alone, so thinking utilitarian helps. A Levi’s or Edwin straight leg is a classic style and can be worn with a t shirt for a relaxed look or paired with a smart shirt and jacket for a more formal look.

A Levi’s or Edwin straight leg is a classic style and can be worn with a t shirt for a relaxed look or paired with a smart shirt and jacket for a more formal look.

Winter Coat

Due to living in a slightly colder climate, we are well-versed in the troubles of winter. Nobody looks forward to the months of cold and wet days, the measly few hours of sunlight a day are enough to make even the hardiest dream of emigrating to the year-round tropical sun to escape winter. Having a stylish winter coat in your wardrobe will go a long way to keeping you protected from the elements.


For some reason, for men, shorts are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. I am a huge lover, even the slightest glimpse of sunshine and I can be seen in a pair of shorts. If you aren’t a keen fan of shorts, they are still a wardrobe essential that every many must have. Shorts are a dynamic garment with many styles and designs available so no matter your tastes you will be sure to find a pair that suits you. The ultimate question you must ask yourself though, how short is too short?


Adding an accessory is a great way to complete your outfit or to wear as a statement piece. Nothing speaks style and sophistication like a wristwatch. You don’t have to rush out and spend a fortune, although if you wish you could easily spend anything up to £10,000 on a Breitling watch, you can easily find a stunning piece on any budget. It’s not uncommon to find people who are keen watch collectors, and once you have the pleasure of wearing one for yourself, you will quickly understand why.

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