7 Patron Saints For Married Couples

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It’s one thing to plan to get married, and it’s entirely a different one to keep the marriage strong and burning with passion. Most often than not, you’ll feel the need to hang on to something else, aside from each other. For married catholic couples, you could find your much-needed refuge and strength from patron saints who are there to set an example. These saints may show couples how serving God can be a fundamental way to resolve marital struggles that you may face along the way.

If you need a list of patron saints you can turn to when the going gets tough, take a look at some recommendations below:

1. St. Joseph

Also recognized as the patron saint of married people, St. Joseph is one of the saints you can look up to when you need help with your relationship. Being the diligent, kind, loving, and faithful spouse of Mary, the Blessed Mother, is the one member of the Holy Family who sets an example to fathers, families, and married couples.

The St Joseph novena, in particular, is highly recommended to married couples who are looking for a more structured prayer. The nine-day novena has been used not just to seek guidance throughout marriages but also to find a future spouse.

2. St. Edward The Confessor

Marriage is an institution that could be extremely difficult to manage, just as it is to manage different aspects of your life. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re trying hard to balance life, work, and marriage, consider praying to St. Edward, who decided to marry a baron’s daughter to keep the peace in the country.

Also, the same man who built the Westminster Abbey made the vow of chastity, and so when married to a wife, the union remained unconsummated. It only proves how St. Edward remained true to their vow until the last breath. The St. found ways to stay true and reliable as a spouse while managing a whole country. Praying in times of marital struggles can be effective, especially if you feel like your marriage is challenging to handle, just like how difficult it has been for St. Edward and understands the obstacles, and will help you get through yours by faith and hard work.

3. St. Valentine

The list of patron saints for married couples won’t be complete without St Valentine, the patron saint of happy marriages, engaged couples, and young people in love. It’s for this exact reason that the feast of Valentine’s Day is celebrated after. Valentine is known to have followed Jesus’ teachings, and did so develop a great love for mankind.

Until death, Valentine didn’t renounce his faith. The St. remained loyal to God, and today, is known as the patron saint you can pray to when you need to believe more in the power of love and how serving God can make you more trustworthy, loyal, and faithful.

4. St. Raphael

St. Raphael is the only archangel mentioned in the sacred scripture. The name means ‘God has healed,’ which gives healing powers beyond physical ailments. God gave Raphael a mission to groom young men before entering into marriage, as mentioned in the Book of Tobit. Since then, Raphael is seen as the patron who’ll help young grooms be the spouses their brides deserve.

St. Raphael is supposed to heal love among couples. He’ll cast out demons trying to destroy love in married people, and afterwards, purifies the aura around the couples so that they may be able to accept each other again and this time, forever. Praying to St. Raphael can help you overcome the demons in your marriage and give you the strength to trust each other despite the struggles and mistakes you’ve committed in the past.

5. St. Adelaide Of Burgundy

St. Adelaide was recognized as one of the most influential women in Europe during the 10th century. Being a widowed twice and has experienced solitary confinement, imprisonment, and removal from her throne as the daughter of the king of Burgundy, St. Adelaide is called the patron saint of second marriages. Despite it all, remained gentle and humble. Adelaide’s life is dedicated to people and the church while tending to her children.

As the patron saint of second marriages, you can pray to St Adelaide if you ever find yourself in similar situations. Similarly, you can turn to St. Adelaide when you need to overcome trials in your marital life.

6. St. Priscilla And St. Aquila

If you’re familiar with the sacred scripture, you indeed have read about these two saints, Priscilla and Aquila. They used to be Jewish but converted to Christianity upon meeting St. Paul. The beautiful thing about these couple is they’re never mentioned in the scripture without each other’s name. As such, it’s a fantastic testament to how they united as a married couple.

If you want to attain unity in marriage, just like how St Priscilla and St Quila were to each other, you can pray to these saints for guidance. Be specific when saying your wishes and prayers—pray to never separate from one another and that people may always see you as a couple joined together in faith and love, just like how Priscilla and Aquila were and will always be.

7. St. Nicholas Of Myra

Santa Claus or St. Nicholas may not be the first saint to come to mind when looking for patron saints for married couples. Santa Claus may be known for its generosity and kindness. Still, a reliable saint to pray to if you want to seek assistance about matters concerning love and marriage.

Born a wealthy Christian, Nicholas has always been devoted to God. Being an orphaned due to an epidemic, Santa Claus sold all his belongings to follow the teachings of Jesus. The inheritance was used to help the poor and those who are suffering, including grooms, brides, newlyweds, unmarried couples, and happy marriages. Also known to be a romantic saint, making him an ideal saint to pray to if you need guidance in keeping the romance alive throughout the marriage.

Prayers Never Fail

Marriage is hard work and a process that needs to keep going. If you find yourself stuck or having a hard time getting by because of different challenges, you can always turn to various patron saints for married couples. They’ll help you find clarity in the middle of all the confusion and complications you’re facing.

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