6 Relaxing Activities to do Before You go to Bed

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A cozy bedtime routine is not just for the kids. You deserve to unwind in comfort just as much! This article discusses six ways that grownups like you can relax before it’s time to hit the hay.

1. Take A Hot Bath

Go all out with this one. Make your bathroom feel like a spa by lighting some pleasant-smelling candles and playing some relaxing background music. Try a menthol-based bubble bath to give your muscles the relief they need after a day of moving around. Taking a hot bath can signal to your body that it’s time to wind down for the day, giving you that sleepy feeling you’re looking for when it’s time to go to bed.

2. Connect With Yourself

Self-reflecting on your day is a grounding practice that many experts recommend as part of practicing self-love. Reflection will look differently depending on your personality, interests, and the amount of time you give yourself to go inward. Some people enjoy journaling. Others meditate and let go, and some partake in spiritual rituals like burning incense and praying. It is really up to you to decide what feels good. The most important thing is to set aside some time to be with yourself before heading off to bed. Often, we are so busy caring about everyone else and the work we need to complete that we forget to consider ourselves. Make self-care a priority, and see positive changes appear in your life.

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3. Sip Something Warm

Ease into the evening with a cozy, warm beverage such as a mug of herbal tea or a hot toddy. Make your evening ritual a mindful one, paying attention to each sip and the sensations that fill your body as you drink. Herbal teas have a meditative and relaxing effect on the body, and we recommend chamomile and peppermint packs to induce feelings of sleepiness. Pair your tea-time with a weighted blanket cover. The sensation of support will give you more comfort and remind your body that it’s time to relax.

4. Evening Yoga Time

There are plenty of yoga videos online to select for a bedtime yoga routine. Choose a gentle and easy-flow practice. We recommend Yoga Nidra and Kin Yoga as relaxing styles to try out. The philosophy behind yoga is “effort without strain.” Try poses that make you feel good and avoid those that surpass your flexibility. Ease into the practice and prepare your body for deep sleep.

5. Connect With Loved Ones

Significant people in your life deserve your time and interest in checking in. Make a phone call to someone you love, sit down with your partner, and ask them about their day. These conversations help strengthen bonds and fulfill the need to be social. A relaxing chat or a deep belly laugh is just what the doctor ordered.

6. Prepare Your Space

Get your bed unmade and covered up with blankets. Fluff your pillows, spray some air freshener in your room, and turn off all the lights but your bedside lamp. Create a visually enticing space for sleep so that you are excited about getting some shuteye. When we neglect our sleeping space, it affects the quality of sleep we get. Invest in quality sheets so that you can relax and sleep soundly.

A bedtime story and hot chocolate might be the ideal way to end the day for the kids, but what about you? Use the suggestions in this list to give your bedtime routine the boost it needs for maximum relaxation. You deserve it!

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