Key Differences Explained: Holistic vs. Traditional Addiction Treatment Programs

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If you know about traditional drug treatment programs, you probably have some idea already about what they are all about. You know that you will likely have to stay sequestered at a facility where there’s no chance that you can slip away and get your hands on your drug of choice. You also know that you’ll likely have to undertake some individual or group therapy so you can talk about why you’re using drugs.

If you seek out addiction treatment in Orange County, you will likely find various programs that all look somewhat similar. You can also find some that emphasize a holistic approach that differs from what you might think of as a normal or traditional treatment structure.

We’ll discuss both holistic treatment and traditional drug treatment programs right now.

What Does Holistic Mean?

For those who don’t know the term “holistic,” it means there’s a belief that everything is connected. If you’re talking about holistic medicine, this belief usually manifests itself through programs or treatments that have to do with your family, society, your spirit, and your psychological background.

In other words, if you try an addiction treatment program for drugs based on holistic medicine or a holistic approach, the individuals running the program might focus on your diet and an exercise program. They will probably want you to undergo counseling that has a basis in psychotherapy. They will likely want to talk about your relationships and your spiritual wellness.

What About Traditional Addiction Treatments?

Traditional programs for drug addiction have some similar elements but also some key differences. If you try a holistic treatment, you might undergo acupuncture treatments. You may spend some time in a sweat lodge. You may drink green tea and eat foods without byproducts or preservatives to cleanse your body.

You’re probably not going to get that with a traditional treatment program. You can expect individual or group therapy sessions, but there won’t be a focus on the interconnectedness of everything.

The mental health professionals who are in charge of the program might even give you a prescription for medication that can ease you off what you’re currently using. That will never happen with a holistic approach.

Which is Better?

It’s hard to say definitively that the holistic or traditional approach to getting off drugs is superior. Some addicts find that one method works for them, while others might opt for the other.

If you try one and then relapse, it makes sense to give the other method a try. If you get into a holistic program, you will have options like chiropractic care, massage therapy, and naturopathy. You might like this approach better because it’s considered to be all-natural.

Depending on your world outlook, you might feel like a traditional drug treatment program or a holistic one is the better choice. Either way, these programs can be your path to wellness. Looking into them is your first step toward kicking the drug that’s ruining your life and stealing your chance at happiness.

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