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5 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love With Dirt Biking

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The sport of dirt bike riding has become increasingly popular over the years. Men, women, and children all enjoy this hobby. If you are considering it for a hobby, below are five reasons why you are sure to fall in love with it.

The Bike

There is nothing better than the first look at a new dirt bike. Whether it is off the showroom floor or just new to the owner, it is a special feeling. The Senge Graphics are bright and shiny with a number and name dedicated to the rider. The rider gets on the bike, and the seat, controls, and footpegs all fit exactly right to allow perfect control of the bike. Once the bike is started, the sound of the exhaust is intimidating for anyone around that can hear it. The bike itself is truly a work of art and sure to fascinate any rider.


The amount of physical exertion that goes into riding a dirt bike is often surprising to new riders. The rider must have excellent balance to ride and control the bike. This balance control can build up core muscles very quickly. Racing or just riding for fun will increase the rider’s heart rate. This increased heart rate is the equivalent to cardio workouts in the gym that will burn calories but is much more fun. This sport is good for both the mind and body, resulting in the perfect way to stay healthy and physically fit.

Family Time

Riding dirt bikes is not just for grown men any longer, as many families participate in this activity together. It allows families to bond with a shared hobby, thus creating an all-around stronger family unit. It allows parents to teach their children a skill by teaching them to perform things such as bike maintenance and riding. Life lessons can also be taught during riding. Lessons like how to work as a team member when racing, how to get back up when failure happens, and good sportsmanship. Getting to spend this extra time with family is reason alone to love the sport.


If you love the rush of adrenaline, this is the sport for you. If racing, the starting line alone causes a huge rush. Then you factor in things such as the speed, jumps, and passes, and that really gets the blood pumping. The adrenaline rush of riding is not just for racers, as amateur riders also get the feeling when they start to understand how to ride and control the bike. They quickly learn to make passes on the track and complete double and triple jumps. Regardless of the skill level of the rider, this experience will be remembered.


The dirt bike community is one of a kind. The comradery between riders increases the love of the sport. Like-minded individuals and families all enjoying the hobby together can build friendships that can last a lifetime. From everyone pitching in to help teach children to ride and picking each other up on the track after a crash, the dirt bike community is always there to help one of its own.

Dirt bike riding can be an exhilarating hobby. It can be done as an individual, family, or part of a team. Regardless of how you want to participate, you are sure to love it once you get started.

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