4 Tips to Transitioning Back Into the Office

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The work-related shifts in response to the 2020 pandemic unraveled the way people see the traditional workplace. Before these changes, it was commonplace to go into the office. Now that people are returning to the office again, feeling settled is a challenge. How can we comfortably return to the office? Here are four tips to help you transition back into the office.

Make the Most of Your Environment

Without the surroundings of home, the office can feel dull. You can do little about the things outside of your control, i.e., (a lack of color or frequent temperature variations). Still, you can do your best to block out these unpleasant aspects of the office by finding subtle ways to brighten your environment throughout the workday. Make your desk as colorful as it can be, or listen to an upbeat playlist while you’re working. Do what you can to diminish a drab setting.

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Motivation and Your Coffee Mug

Find your work-life balance by incorporating elements that spark motivation in the workplace. For those who love what a kick of caffeine can do for a productive day, get yourself a coffee mug that keeps you inspired. If coffee isn’t your thing, reward yourself with a pastry or working a double to free up your schedule. Find ways to create rewards to stay motivated. Sometimes you need to be willing to do things. At one point, working at the office did not feel like a big deal; you can come back to that state of mind with practice. Get into the habit of going into work so that the office feels normal again. Our habits create our life.

Make Work Comfortable

Now that you’re no longer working from home, there may be an adjustment period as you return to the office. Away from the sounds of your kids playing, the cozy nighttime television glare, and the comforts of home, working at the office can feel cold. To undo some of the rigidness:

  • Make your workplace comfortable. You may not be able to work from home, but you can make your office your home away from home if you put in a bit of thought and consideration.
  • Get a seat cushion or a neck pillow that makes office sitting feel a bit more like the worn-in couch you love at home.
  • Pin a few pictures of your family on your bulletin board to remind yourself of why you’re here and not at your virtual office in the first place.
  • Find something grounding to place on your desk to help you chill out when the work stress builds. Go with a scented candle or a paperweight that holds sentimental value.

Slow Yourself Down

It can feel overwhelming to begin work in a new environment. If by returning to the office, you find yourself bombarded with work and discomfort, take a few moments to slow yourself down. Taking tasks one thing at a time will help you focus your mind, forget your surroundings, and get the most use out of your time. It might sound counterintuitive to go slower at work, but you can get more done with less stress.

The Bottom Line

Getting comfortable returning to work will take some time and effort on your part to facilitate a sense of normalcy into being at the office. You can make the office pleasant if you put in the work to return to how things once were. Use the suggestions in this article to help you work your way back to the office setting and in ways that welcome the comforts of home.

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