4 Key Questions to Ask During a Window Replacement Consultation

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If you plan on replacing your residential windows, the only logical move is to call in a contractor. During the consultation, there are things you want to know. A reputable contractor is more than happy to answer any question you have and ensure your choice for new windows Burlington meets your expectations. Here are four important questions to bring up during that meeting.

How Much Experience Do You Have With the Window Style I Want to Install?

You already know that the window replacement company has been around for years. That’s fine, but how much experience do they actually have installing the type of windows you have in mind? The fact that they routinely install single and double hung windows is great, but you want to know how familiar they are with installing casement windows. If the company does have plenty of experience with the kind of Kingston windows you want, that settles one key question.

Can You Help Me Understand the Differences Between Various Window Materials?

The best companies in the area will offer several different choices for window materials. You want to know how each one compares to the others in terms of durability, appearance, upkeep, and other important factors. A professional can easily compare and contrast materials so you know what to expect from each choice. This information will definitely make it easier to select new windows in Burlington that are right for you and for your home.

What Fees and Charges are Included in the Quote? What Other Fees May Apply?

Never assume a quote encompasses all the expenses involved with a window replacement project. Ask for details about what is and is not included. Your goal is to anticipate any additional costs that may develop if the installation team should come across an unexpected complication. If you know what additional costs are possible, it’s easier to determine if you have an adequate budget for those new Kingston windows.

Can You Tell Me About the Guarantees and Warranties That Come With the Windows?

You want to understand what sort of protections are extended through the manufacturer warranty. It also helps to find out what sort of guarantees the company handling the installation provide in terms of their work. Only do business with a company that will come out and correct a problem that occurred as the result of an oversight during the installation. If you can’t get direct answers to these questions, take that as a sign to seek out someone else to install those new windows in Burlington.

 Only do business with a company that will come out and correct a problem that occurred as the result of an oversight during the installation.

Remember that your goal is to end up with new Kingston windows that offer all the features you want, perform well, and will last for a long time. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to ensure the decision is a sound one. Contractors who take the satisfaction of their customers will be happy to provide the answers and not hesitate to supply you with any information needed to help you make the best choice.

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