3 Fashion Trends That Every Male Fashionista Should Try in Their Lifetime

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Fashion trends can be scary and exciting in equal measure as it’s easy for things to go wrong. However, there is no reason to be worried because you can experiment until you find the right balance depending on their style. If you are not a seasoned trendsetter or fashionista, the best way to start incorporating trends into your wardrobe is by doing so sparingly. Often, you will see individuals looking straight out of the runway and dressing this way while going about their everyday business.

They fail to understand that runway looks are not related to how ordinary people dress. Instead, you should take some of the looks and adapt them to your own aesthetic. Here are some of the most popular trends from the past five years and how you can make these key pieces blend in with the rest of your wardrobe

1. Warcore

The warcore trend has been here for a while, and it doesn’t seem like it will be going out anytime soon. Here, it’s all about pockets on pockets, tactical vests and combat boots. Many brands have spearheaded this trend, Prada being among the most known designer brands because of their combat boots. The warcore trend has become a staple, with celebrities like Kanye West constantly wearing it.

If you are testing the waters, you can begin by incorporating the Monolith brushed leather and nylon combat boots from the Prada for Men collection. Wearing a tactical vest over your t-shirt will instantly militarize any casual look. Other pieces in the warcore aesthetic include buckled backpacks, utility jackets and canvas vests, all inspired by the military.

2. The all-leather look 

Since your childhood, the fashion industry has tried to get you to wear some leather trousers on countless occasions. Unlike in the past, leather has become more mainstream, and instead of just leather pants, you now have leather suits, vests and even blazers. It might be unrealistic and quite uncomfortable to wear an all-leather outfit during the summer.

However, you can easily incorporate this trend by purchasing clothes with leather detailing. For instance, getting a pair of trousers with leather panels and a jacket with leather sleeves will give you an all-leather look without your having to wear an entire leather outfit in the swelting heat. You could also opt for a leather backpack to accessorize your look.

3. Pattern-clashing 

In recent years the rules of pattern have been put to death by fashionistas and stylists. Rules such as matching simple with busy no longer apply. You can pull together a great outfit with clashing patterns. Still, you have to go about it tactfully to avoid looking like you just picked out whatever you were able to find.

To successfully incorporate this trend, start with the traditional pattern-mixing rules and then slowly build up from there. A good example is layering vertical and horizontal stripes with polka dots. You can also clash different prints or colors.

Fashion is a way to express yourself and improve your self-esteem. In the same way that learning a new dance step boosts your confidence, properly incorporating a trend will boost your self-image and confidence.

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