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Your Mantelligence Briefing for August 28th


Here's a wrap up of everything going on in men's blogs:

Geraldine Neumann is the International Babe of the Day (see above) [Double Viking]

The Snuggie Sutra: How To Screw in a Snuggie [MadeMan]

Miss USA Loves NASCAR [All Left Turns]

The 10 Most Hated People at the Gym [Gunaxin]

The Top 20 Sexiest SI Cheerleaders of the Week [COED Magazine]

The 5 Biggest Winners in World Series of Poker History [Style Crave]

Man Cheats On Wife, Publicly Neutered [Tasty Booze]

Go Commando, Get Girls [TSB Magazine]

Cowboys Recipes That?ll Put Hair on Your Chest [Art of Manliness]

10 of the worst women drivers ever [Blog of Hilarity]

WiFi Prostitutes [College Humor]

Kyoku Mens Skin Care [Cool Material]

What are we missing at the Sex Olympics? [Asylum UK]

How to Talk about Music ? Without Sounding Like a Total Jerkass [Primer Magazine]

Drunk Guy Plays Real-Life Frogger with Predictable Results
Sadly, there is no video of the idiot vs. motor vehicle collision, but we'll do our best to make fun of this guy an...
What If Homer Simpson Wasn't a Cartoon?
What if Homer Simpson, Jessica Rabbit and other characters weren't cartoons, but actually resembled real people...
Wishing You The Merriest of Labor Days
Now please stop reading this, step away from your computer, put on some linen or something white, and get drunk and...
Your Daily Links
Will the Miami Heat be a dynasty?- Bleacher Report January Jones is looking "Mad Men"-ish - G Celeb Candice S...
The Anti-Male Personified
Chris Crocker put a dent in manliness all over the world when the video of him crying over the plight of Britney Sp...