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Five Signs She Likes You (But Is Playing Hard To Get)

Reading a womans body language will give you many visual clues which hint that she likes you (but might be playing hard to get). Find out how to read the most basic open gestures of body language in this article.

Five Signs That A Girl Likes You

Following on from the previous article Five Signs She Doesn't Like You (And Will Break Your Heart) we can now look at the open gestures which are usually a good indication that she's interested in you (but is possibly playing hard to get!). These are a few of the keys to picking up women.


The Five Open Gestures

Gesture 1 - The Butterfly

The butterfly is the gesture she makes after you've made eye contact with her across a crowded room. Essentially, the eye contact is a call-to-action. You want to see some sort of reaction from her to show that she is interested or attracted to you. Playing with her hair, adjusting her clothes or jewellery, and fiddling with her straw in her drink are all butterfly reactions. If you get any of these signs, she may well be interested in you.

Gesture 2 - The Palm Reader

Exposed wrists and palms are signs of openness and sincerity which she will present to people she is interested in. Subconsciously, she is saying "If you want me, come and get me". This is very similar to The Pointer, whereby she will "point" at you with her foot or knee (when her legs are crossed).

Gesture 3 - The Leaning Tower of Love

This gesture can be seen when she leans forward towards you. Her upper body will be facing you if she's interested. In essence, she will lean forward and point at what she wants. Unlike the tower of Pisa, this gesture means she is not made of stone! (Too cheesy? Maybe..)

Gesture 4 - The Cheshire Cat

This is a bit of a no-brainer. If she smiles at you when you make eye contact, get over there immediately and strike up some conversation. She is very keen.

Gesture 5 - The Midas Touch

If she is touching you a number of times while you are talking, for example, tapping you on the arm when making a point, she is very interested. She's probably not even playing that hard to get at this point, so go in for the kill!

Obviously, there are many different gestures and signals which show her interest in you, but learning the basics now will allow you to pick up the more complicated signs easily later. Once you understand the science behind body language, the gestures mentioned in this article are common sense and can be applied to many different situations in all aspects of your life.

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[...] Five Signs She Likes

[...] Five Signs She Likes You (But Is Playing Hard To Get) [...]

Great points ... Especially

Great points ... Especially the midas touch. =)

Don't forget the

Don't forget the dilated-pupil-gaze. If a girl is really digging on you, she'll be gazing at you in wonderment.

While I haven't come up with

While I haven't come up with a name for it, another good sign I've encountered involves body language that indicates a sudden form of oral fixation. This is usually seen if a woman is chewing gum or has a drink and plays with the straw (or gum). This is accompanied by looks of wonderment and the odd "Uh huh" when you're talking. In my experience, this is a go-in-for-the-kill sign.

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Hi webmaster!

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that doesn't even make any sense!

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meh to the midas touch - only

meh to the midas touch - only if she does it incessantly. Some people are just tactile.

I would say dilated pupils are the only sure fire signal.

Hi. Good site.

Hi. Good site.

well you have a point great

well you have a point great article

great article I've picked up

great article I've picked up some infos...

I love them but i'll never

I love them but i'll never understand women..there just to damn insecure for me...the whole playing hard to get thing is only a cover up...a way to get men to act like fools while they sit back and laugh at us with their even more insecure freinds..yes I'm angry.

how can a girl says the truth

how can a girl says the truth that she likes you because she is shy, even i or a man already says he love's her????

I need your answer, i hope

I need your answer, i hope its good....... thanks......................................................................................................................................... because I tried everything but still nothing she's pLayiNg hard to get. if I want to talk to her she always says she's busy like a bug, but I know she not always busy, i even call her at the phone................... she's shy to talk to me anyways/anyhow's I need your help,,,,,,,,,,

Have you ever tried being

Have you ever tried being indifferent? you see girls are really picky people; you can't care or be "do everything for you" all the time or else they will find you annoying, yet you can't just ignore them. If  you can understand this: to girls, less is more, and more is less. try being a little indifferent naturally; just casual talk to your friends but try to stand out subtly - become a respected person of your group, don't try to flirt with her too much and be too "clingy". Be yourself, mate. try it.

[...] The topic of body

[...] The topic of body language is a vast subject which would need at least its own article to even scratch the surface so, for purposes of brevity, we’ll keep things simple for now. Also see the companion article: Five Signs She Likes You (But Is Playing Hard To Get). [...]

Hey the touching one very

Hey the touching one very nice it works it worked for me

Okay, why do some of these

Okay, why do some of these comments keep saying that dilated pupils are a good sign of attraction. Do you guys carry around tiny flashlights like doctors and shine them in girls eyes to assess their pupil size? Plus, often times guys approach girls in bars which are naturally dark and that will automatically cause pupil dilation. The whole idea is just staring deep into a girl's pupils.

It dosent even work it's crap

It dosent even work it's crap and very stupid these people are required to say what they're saying they broke my heart the girl of my dreams did like me but now she thinks i'm to clinggy and a stalker and i'm not and these are the exact words she said to me. "guess what I did like you and I was kind of scared to tell you but I did like you but now your to clinggy and your starting to scare me but now not in a million years"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And than she slapped me in front of the whole school so now I'll never listen to your crappy advice

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Hi, Great post, it really helped.

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