The Gift Guide for Geeky Guys (and Girls)


Are you on the lookout for gifts and gadgets that satisfy your inner geek? If so, then look no further. You’ve found the geeky gift guide of your dreams.


I’m always on the lookout for gifts and gadgets which satisfy my inner geek. I like things original and innovative and not just the typical Nintendo Wii or Apple iTouch or whatever the latest fad is.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to all things unique. Maybe you’ll see something you like for yourself or one of your geeky friends!

The Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube was my absolutely favorite toy as a child. It’s challenging, fun and a must-have collectible. Apparently there are 43 quintillion possible moves with only one possible solution. The aim of the game is to twist and turn the cube in order to make every side a solid color. Of course, as a kid I just used to peel off the stickers and cheat. There are a few sites you can visit to find out how to solve the puzzle as well.

Voodoo knife holder set

This 5-piece knife set comes with a voodoo doll style holder. Perfect for those of us who sometimes feel like stabbing someone but don’t necessarily want to go to jail for it. It comes in a variety of different colors, although I personally think that the chrome version is the nicest of them all.

Credit card bottle opener

I know it’s more manly to use your teeth to rip off the bottle cap but in the long run this will preserve your teeth and looks good too. With this handy tool you can reach into your wallet and remove a bottle top with no molar implications. You’ll also be the coolest geek at the party. Congratulations.

Mini Oak Barrel

For that geek that is an alcoholic, what better gift than a whiskey barrel to age whiskey at home get one at oak barrel

Dart coat hooks

If you’ve ever been caught playing darts indoors by your wife or partner, you might want to consider using this darts coat hooks to try and disguise your dart playing. Put them up in the area you usually play darts under the pretense of “adding more room for coats and jackets to keep the house tidy”. Then you’ll not only benefit from hanging your darts team cap on them, you can also pretend to your partner that the extra dart in the wall is another coat hook. Honest, dear!

Magnetic desk dots

I used to play for hours with gadgets like these as a child. I like to think it’s the reason behind my magnetic personality, but perhaps I’m just delusional! Either way, these are a great addition to your desk. They keep things neat and tidy and can help to reduce stress during the day by playing with them. I love them.

The IT Crowd: Version 1.0

One of the funniest TV shows to come out of the UK targeted at

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When Star Wars Geeks Marry This is What Happens

Think you like Star Wars? Not as much as this couple. Duncan Thompson and Sammi Gardiner got married on Monday in a wedding with a top-to-bottom Star Wars theme.

The groom, 41 played Han Solo and the bride, 39, of course played Princess Leia. Thompson’s son Keiren who was best man, played Chewbacca, Solo’s furry sidekick.

Darth Vader, played by friend Dan Cawpheray, provided readings akin to Star Wars scripts and was accompanied by two Stormtroopers.

Thompson and Gardiner sent out invitations to George Lucas and all the main actors from the Star Wars movies, but none of them attended. Really? Mark Hamill actually had something better to do?

The Star Wars themed wedding came about because the couple’s first date in 2005 was to see Revenge of the Sith.

Best part of the wedding? The English couple waited until Monday so they could bill the wedding as “May the 4th be with you.” Get it? Heh.

photo credit: Telegraph

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