A False Economy: Why Properly Maintaining your Vehicle Makes more Financial Sense than Putting off Repairs and Scheduled Services

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Various situations, such as lack of time or money, may prompt some people to put off various repairs and scheduled services for their vehicles. At the time, this may seem like a good idea to preserve precious funds or the little spare time they have throughout their workweek. The idea is to put off this work until things are more convenient for them to do so. Unfortunately, this can be a very costly mistake.

A vehicle has become a necessary part of many people’s lives. Without that vehicle, they may not be able to get to work, to the store, or other various activities and places they need to go. Taking a vehicle for minor repairs or scheduled maintenance can sometimes leave a person without their vehicle for a few hours or even a day or two. Unfortunately, putting off these repairs and maintenance tasks can actually cause more damage to the vehicle. This can often render the vehicle inoperable or even stuck in the repair shop for weeks or longer. Timely repairs can prevent this issue from occurring.

Oil Changes

The motor of a vehicle has many moving parts that can get very hot while the car is running. The oil provides lubrication and cooling to these parts to allow them to move freely and properly during the drive. Most car manufacturers recommend that the motor oil in a vehicle is changed every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Replacing the oil ensures that the oil is clean and able to continue to provide the cooling and lubricating benefits a vehicle needs. Oil changes are conveniently available at

Delaying the oil change can allow the oil to become worn and unable to provide the benefits the vehicle needs. Older motor oil cannot provide the same amount of lubrication or cooling that newer oil can provide an engine. Dirt and debris can also get in the oil. This can cause the various parts of the engine to become worn or damaged by these particles. Over time, this can pose serious risks to the engine and decrease its life expectancy. The longer the oil change is delayed, the higher the risk of serious damage to the engine.

Other Scheduled Maintenance

Every vehicle’s manufacturer provides a list of scheduled maintenance tasks that should be performed at certain intervals. Like oil changes, these are various tasks and checks that will help ensure the vehicle runs properly throughout its lifetime. These things include the air and fuel filters, the various hoses and belts, brakes, and other parts that can pose issues if they wear out. These various replacements and checks help to protect the vehicle and the driver from serious problems on the road. Putting these off can have serious consequences for the vehicle. In addition, these delays could also pose other risks for the vehicle owner.

When buying a new or used vehicle that comes with a warranty, there are certain things the vehicle owner must follow to ensure the warranty will cover any issues they may face with their vehicle. One of those contingencies of a warranty is having all scheduled maintenance performed as recommended. Not having the vehicle serviced at the proper intervals can void the warranty, even if the problem is unrelated to the scheduled maintenance. It is important that the vehicle owner maintains a file to keep all receipts for these service visits to protect the terms of the warranty.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Every vehicle is equipped with various lights on the dash. These lights indicate problems within the vehicle. For example, an engine light shows that the computer system is sensing a problem with the performance of the engine. Whenever one of these lights illuminate, it is important to schedule a visit with a professional mechanic to determine the cause of the problem. These lights are there to assist drivers in identifying problems that may not have immediately noticeable signs.

Some dashboard warning lights are simply reminders that service is needed, or the fuel is low. This should still not be ignored but are usually just reminders to let the driver know that these things need to be addressed soon. However, there are lights on the dashboard that if they light up or are blinking, the vehicle should be stopped immediately. For example, a flashing cooling system light can mean that the car is near overheating. If the vehicle overheats, it can cause serious damage to the engine. The vehicle should be stopped immediately. It is important that all drivers become familiar with these lights and to get the needed repairs for the vehicle whenever the problem arises.

Suspension and Alignment Problems

The suspension system of a vehicle helps to keep the car driving straight and proper on the road. It also helps to provide passengers with a comfortable ride. Unfortunately, rough roads and potholes can place major stress on the various parts of this system. They can wear out and pose risks to the comfort and the safety of the vehicle. It is important to have this system inspected regularly for problems and to have any changes in the way the vehicle drives to be looked at as soon as possible to prevent problems.

If the vehicle seems to feel less comfortable over rough roads that it previously did or if the vehicle seems to be pulling to one side during the drive, there is a problem that should be addressed. If these issues are ignored, it can put undue stress on the vehicle and cause more problems. A vehicle that has a suspension problem or is out of alignment can cause tires to wear out quickly or unevenly. It can even put more stress on other parts of the suspension, causing them to wear out quicker. It may also become more difficult to steer the vehicle. These issues can also become very dangerous if the driver is unable to steer or stop the car due to damage or worn-out tires.

To keep a vehicle running safely and dependably, it is important that proper maintenance is performed at regular intervals. Not only does this ensure the consumable parts of a vehicle are renewed, but it can also help to identify problems before they become costly issues. It is also important to have a vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic anytime there are any changes in the way a vehicle starts, drives, stops, or even runs. These changes could be signs of serious problems. Proper maintenance and timely repairs can help to keep the overall costs of a vehicle lower and extend the life of the car.

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