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Two-Wheel Adventures: A Newbie’s Guide to Essential Cycle Accessories

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When you first decide to take up cycling as your outdoor activity, you focus on all the fun you’re going to have with the bike. And while you wouldn’t be in the wrong assuming all you need is a bike of quality to get started, your research would be incomplete unless you acquire your kit of essentials too. Mind you, we say kit because there are many items you’d need to roll away in style and safety besides the purposeful bicycle helmet.

Now, we get it, the vast array of handy and affordable cycle accessories you’d stumble upon can be overwhelming especially for a beginner cyclist but the easiest way of turning the shopping experience hassle-free is by ensuring the comfort of your rides. And here’s how to do it.

Tackling the Bike Accessory Purchase the Smart Way

Equipping your rig can be hassle-free – all you have to do is narrow down your options. As simple as it sounds, we get it If you have no clue on how to go about it beyond the essentials like mirror, front and rear lights, and locks, as you’re just falling in love with the sport. Our advice is to play it safe by thinking of your rides primarily.

Road rides are completely different from mountain rides in terms of the challenges and obstacles you’d get to encounter which calls for adequate preparedness for the varied terrains. Some aspects we’d like you to dwell on prior to your shopping include weather elements (given that sun, rain and wind can be your killjoys!), and emergencies that might come your way as you roll.

Unforeseen sticky wicket situations in the example of flat tyres, loose stem bolts, broken chain are all reasons to worry as they could interfere with your cycling fun. You also shouldn’t underestimate the impact of hunger, thirst, injuries, or coming across a cyclist in need along the road. Take these into consideration the next time you’re preparing for an adventure on wheels, and you’d be able to count on successful shopping for the right bike accessories.

As overpacking is equally bad as underpacking, to further simplify your quest for the perfect tools and items that should make it to your kit for fuss-free rides, we’re going to categorise our recommendations into two separate sections: the convenience essentials, and the maintenance essentials. Let’s get the list rolling!

The Convenience Essentials

While not every cyclist finds the following practical cycle accessories we’re going to cover to be crucial when out and about, they’re really good value for money since they’re meant to increase the comfort of your rides. Trust us, when you start taking the hobby seriously, you’d thank us for this info.


Let’s get one thing clear – you don’t have to be dandy to make use of these. Soaking wet feet can really harsh one’s mellow, so if you plan on cycling even when it’s raining cats and dogs, you’d certainly benefit from having fenders installed. They provide protection from mud, water and debris splattering on your feet and clothes.

For extra protection, you might prefer the designs with deep side skirts. Now besides serving their primary function, they’re equally purposeful when it comes to customising your two-wheeler as they’re available in a wide range of striking colours and fun patterns. You’d also appreciate the fact they’re easy to install, especially the models with four zip ties.

Bag Storage

Regardless whether you’re a staunch minimalist, or you’ve adopted the opposite “more is more” approach in life, the truth is you’d highly benefit from having the suitable biking accessories created for storage on the road. Depending on what you’d like to bring along, be it basics like first aid kit, protein snack bars, multi-tools, or extras such as clothes, you’ve got various options to choose from.

So it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the ideal bag for storing and organising your things as well as keeping them at arm’s reach. You can simplify your quest if you consider features like compartments, zippers for security, pads for comfort, and water and wind-proofing in addition to the size.

Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated as you pedal is crucial since the effort you invest as you make your way forward makes you sweat; it’s simple math: the more challenging the terrain, the more hydration you’d require. Same as hunger, once thirst kicks in and you start feeling parched, you won’t be that thrilled to be on your bike.

While bottles are useful as they keep your water within reach, they aren’t as convenient cycle accessories as hydration packs which are also superior in terms of the amount of water they can store. Weigh in these two options properly as you take your pick.

Cycling Computer

Okay, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t gimmick your bike with one of these but it would definitely make your rides more enjoyable. Sure, your smartphone might do as a substitute, but a luxury cycling device such as this is specifically created for your needs on the go, including giving you insight into speed, distance, elevation, and even your calorie burn.

You have to agree, this is extremely handy should you use the hobby to get your daily dose of cardio. Now that we got your attention, you might want to buy the suitable mount that goes with your chosen computer too.

The Maintenance Essentials

For that perfectly planned, smooth ride where nothing goes wrong, you can’t take maintenance lightly. We don’t care how new you’re into cycling, you must learn how to properly care for your precious bike with the two following cycle accessories essentials.

Bike Pump

Picture this: you’re cycling care-free in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the chirping of birds and the beautiful sight of landscapes, and as you push through your bike fails on you. You take a good look, and you notice it’s in fact the tyre and it dawns on you that you forgot to inflate it. Shockingly, you come to the realisation tyres don’t stay inflated until the end of time.

We get it, for novice cyclists it’s the fun that gets them going, and the last thing they want to do is worry about the tyres, yet flats are more common than you might think as many overlook this basic maintenance chore. That’s why a good cyclist is always prepared with the perfect bike pump which is the ultimate choice of bike accessories.

Though the market is full of options, what separates quality pumps from the rest is quicker inflating that isn’t at the expense of effort. In case you feel like it’s searching for a needle in a haystack with all the quality brands there are, and their incredible products, our advice is to choose a compact pump with a narrow barrel design. While we’re at tyres, if you want to take preparedness to another level, you might as well add repair puncture patch kits, plus tyre spares on your list too.

Chain Lube

You don’t have to be preparing for the Tour de France to find this accessory useful to have around. As the chain is crucial for your cycling, much like the tyres, maintenance is required to keep it up and running (and noiseless!) with the help of a suitable lube. Stores have two options to offer you: the wet and the dry lube. Each comes with its own perks, though if you’re looking for less debris collected from the road, and less cleaning to do, then it’s got to be dry.


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