Top Tips To Building A Trend-Setting Sneaker Collection

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While there are a few staple fashions your wardrobe should contain, sneakers have always been a favored shoe trend for men worldwide. What’s more, there are so many sneaker styles and designs out there that you won’t ever be short of options when adding to your collection. However, if you aren’t too sure where to get started, these top tips will help you create a sneaker rotation that will keep you up to date with the trends far into the future.

High-Fashion Creations

Just a decade ago, you may have been on the receiving end of harsh fashion judgments for thinking that a Christian Dior and Jordan Air collab sneaker creation would ever be the most trending shoe. Yet, ten years later, here we are with a world of high-fashion sneaker collaborations owning the show and attracting attention from everyone who is anyone. So, it would be a great idea to start your sneaker collection with high-fashion collaborations from the biggest names in the shoe industry. High-fashion sneaker creations are often more on the extravagant side of the sneaker spectrum, which can make it seem a bit intimidating to pull them off if you have not yet worn this type of sneaker. However, it is best to keep the rest of your outfit moderately simple to let your shoes do the talking (and walking) for you, serving as an accent piece that pulls your outfit together.

Sneaker Trend Revivals

The late 90s and early 2000s showcased quite a lengthy list of stylish sneakers that became iconic and timeless shoes. With creations such as the old-school Vans design, Adidas three-strike kickers, and the classic dad shoes brought to us by Nike, you should consider at least one pair of iconic sneakers when building a shoe rotation. Any fashion piece that claims a timeless title will last forever, which is why you should invest. You can never have enough iconic sneakers either, so don’t worry about going overboard with revival sneakers, as iconic sneakers will genuinely always be appealing, and you can never have too many shoes in your rotation.

Sneakers That Come And Go

While there are timeless sneakers that will probably hold onto their iconic status for decades to come, there are also sneakers that are only here for a little while. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth investing in. You can opt for elevator shoe sneakers, high-tops, and color block sneakers to add depth and variance to your rotation. Chunky sole sneakers are also trending currently, and the added height these sneakers give can also make you feel great. Because sneaker fashions that come and go won’t be around for too long, it is wise to avoid spending too much and instead opt for less to keep up to date with passing trends. Therefore, you should find a favorite momentary sneaker trend that you feel suits you best and replace these sneakers when the next trend rolls around.

Metallic And Mesh

Those heavily detailed mesh trainers your sports teacher used to wear back in the day have rolled around again, although they are not just for gym teachers now. Mesh and metallic sneakers are trending, and adding them to your collection will help you rotate your casual outfits and shoe choice with ease. These sneakers may have been frowned upon as unfashionable back then, yet their second impression on men’s fashion is a definite winner. These sneakers also double up as great running and training shoes, so investing in a quality pair will go a long way for you as they are possibly one of the most versatile fashion sneakers out there for the moment.

Winter Boots And So Much More

Once you have started building your sneaker collection, you will become more in-tune with the latest trends and newest creations. However, you can’t get by as a trend-setter with sneakers alone. Instead, you will need to add much more to your shoe collection and expand your options to winter boots, ankle boots, brogue shoes, oxford dress shoes, and so much more. A pair of branded slides is also a great go-to shoe for around the house and casual outings, while oxford shoes are the men’s most timeless dress shoes to opt for. Be sure to color coordinate with your clothing wardrobe to always step out in your best. Other essential shoes to keep in your collection include mule slippers for around the house and hiking boots if you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast.


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