These joggers make me want to snort tequila and rip people’s sleeves off

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Most of my mental energy these days has gone to Birddogs joggers with built-in underwear.

They fit and feel like they were sent back from the future Tomorrow War style to save humanity. If you haven’t seen the movie, Chris Pratt is teleported into the future to save humanity against alien invaders just like how Birddogs released joggers with built-in underwear to be the most comfortable pants ever.

The secret is the built in underwear. It feels like some kind of Comfort Laboratory material from the year 2048 where scientists are focused on optimizing human comfort and making broccoli taste like Skittles.

Seriously, joggers are that comfortable. They took a stylish pair of pants and combined it with the softest inner liner into one product. I can’t get enough of the comfort.

If you haven’t given Birddogs a chance, do me a favor and click the link. They’ll pay me $1 per click. So machine gun blast that button so I can keep spewing my stream of consciousness to the internet.


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