There’s a mountain of shorts companies out there. I found the king.

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Every week there’s a new hard seltzer on the shelf and a new shorts company in my feed. The shorts are all the same – a new fabric from Mars and a built-in liner up Uranus.

I call it the ‘birddogs effect’: versatile shorts with a liner. We’re talking versatile as-in workout, get married and die all in the same pair.

You know you have a good idea when it now defines the category. Full disclosure: I’ve worn birddogs since the very beginning.But I bought a pair from every brand (thanks JustAGuyThing for the budget) just to make sure they were still on top.

Punchline: yes they are. birddogs still reign supreme.

Here are some honorable mentions: Chubbies for patterns, Fabletics for price, and All Birds for pulling it off with all natural fibers.

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