The Ultimate Men’s Wallet – The Ekster

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We at Just A Guy Thing are always on the lookout for products to recommend to our readers and only a few make the cut. This week we noticed a men’s wallet that is different to anything we have seen before, both in terms of the technology and style, The Ekster Wallet.

The Ekster Men’s Wallets bring a level of style and minimalism that we love. It is easy to load everything into the wallet and become used to lugging it around, often bulging your pocket. This wallet is different, it allows you to store 6+ cards in a format that allows for ease of use and an ultra-thin design.

Main Features of Ekster Wallet

  • Quick Access
  • Premium Leather
  • RFID Protection
  • Traceable

The premium design of the wallet makes it look great for any occasion. This is a perfect gift or replacement to your standard wallet. The wallet has a quick access feature to 6 cards, which is more than enough for every day needs. By using a simple push button the cards slowly slide out for ease of access. Placing the cards back in the wallet is also an easy option. Whether you have 2 cards or 6 they will remain secure without being lose, something we seen in other wallets in the past.  The addition of the RFID Protection is great, considering the importance of card security.

Ekster® 3.0, is the world’s first voice-activated smart wallet, compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. This leather wallet offers worldwide traceability and is the only smart wallet that is solar-powered. The Ekster has become the bestselling smart wallet in the world and has been featured by big names like Forbes, CBS, Mashable, ABC, CNET and CNN.

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