The Ultimate Cannabis Trip to Barcelona

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We at JustAGuyThing.com are always looking for places to go, activities to do and things to see that are slightly different to the norm. This week we are looking at Barcelona in Spain and whilst it is more famous for it’s football team and Antoni Gaudí than it is for anything else we will look at the increase in cannabis clubs in the city.  Whilst we are not advocating for smoking weed, if you do so then Barcelona is some what of a hidden place when it comes to marijuana tourism.

Why is Marijuana Legal in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, the law allows for people to self-cultivate plants and offer marijuana to club members. Each person has a set limit, around 60-90 grams per month, anything more is not permitted. This is in place as to stop members from buying to sell to third parties, which itself is a crime. If you are searching for Marijuana Barcelona  then we recommend searching for cannabis clubs in the city.

Why go to Cannabis Clubs

We have traveled all over Europe and finding a source for good quality marijuana can be extremely difficult, if not dangerous in some places. Buying weed on the streets from unknown strangers is a sure fire way to lose money.  Cannabis clubs are different to the black market as they offer a safe and regulated space for enjoying marijuana and also buying it.  If you are just visiting the city of Barcelona for a one off trip or live in the city, being part of an official cannabis club is definitely recommended. By being a member this ensures that you get access to the highest quality of cannabis on the market at extremely reasonable prices.

Have you been to Barcelona on a marijuana tourism trip? If so we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences so we can share them with our readers.

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