The Gadgets and Tools The Modern Vaper Needs To Know About

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Vape pens, box mods, and pocket vaporizers: there is so much more to vaping in 2019 than simply an e-cigarette and a tank.

If you already have your first vape kit, and are looking to upgrade, you will be pleased to know that there are all kinds of gadgets and tools which can enhance your vaping experience, not to mention put you on the cutting edge of fashion and style!

Check the latest vaping gadgets and tools that you need to know about below.

Box Mods

The name is slightly misleading, because box “mods” are not a modification for your e-cigarette, but rather a completely different type of vaporizer. They are square shaped, larger than a regular e-cigarette and have the capacity to heat the e-liquid more and therefore produce more vapour.

Typically people favour large box mods because this is the best way to get a bigger vapour cloud. However, recent trends mean that others are attracted to box mods for purely aesthetic reasons, with some truly luxe and creative models now available.

Vape Pens

Vaping no longer has to mean using something that either looks like a box or a cigarette: in recent years we have seen the trend for sleek, slim and streamlined designs. Generally referred to as vape pens or pen vaporizers, these come in a range of designs which include some that are extremely discrete. The epitome of style in this genre is probably the PAX Juul vape pens which have become so popular in the US that many are blaming them for an “epidemic” in teen vaping.

DIY E-liquid Tools

Along with the many options for e-liquids such as flavours and nicotine strengths, you also have the choice for DIY e-liquid. Mixing your own vape juice gives you the freedom to combine flavours, choose the strength of flavour, and the potency of nicotine. It is a fairly simple process of combining three main elements: e-liquid concentrate, base liquid and nicotine, but you’ll want to make sure you get the proportions right. An e juice calculator lets you determine the mixing ratios to make sure you create the perfect DIY e-liquid. You’ll probably find this works out more cost effective also!

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts can be used in place of e-liquid, and have experienced a surge in popularity recently, largely due to their use in PAX Juul products. Nicotine salts are being celebrated for their smoother experience, including being able to vape higher concentrates of nicotine without the harshness you would expect from equivalent strength e-liquids. They are also specifically designed to be used with low-voltage vaporizers making them a popular choice for those using those kinds of devices.

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