Best Men’s Underwear Brands

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Underwear or underpants are the least fun things to buy for a man. But, most men would stand the guilt of investing little to no thought while purchasing the underwear. The right underwear will make your day delightful, and the wrong underwear can turn your day into a complete disaster. Not an exciting purchase but, what’s beneath your pants is equally important. Also, it is not easy to stand on one brand.

As a grown-up man, it is your responsibility to get some quality undies. Make sure that your package is protected with good stuff. Always have the finest fit to ensure your best bit. We have got you covered by compiling a list of the best men’s underwear brands.

1: Bunch of Animals

Explore newfound confidence by wearing underwear by Bunch of Animals. Underwear by this brand stays right at your body temperature, absorbs the wetness, and naturally stops the lousy smell, and keeps your bits dry.

The underpants are made out of premium micro modal, which is a luxurious fabric. Sustainably sourced from beechwood trees, the secure fit underwear will help you in keeping your mind on the task at hand. Also, the colorful prints are our favorite, as they make you feel young at heart.

Undie fact: Do you know Micro modal fabric is three times softer and more comfortable than cotton?

2: Uniqlo

Uniqlo offers basic cotton underwear. The advanced fiber technology absorbs the moisture and releases it as well. Underwears by Uniqlo are basic, and they are known for providing comfort during any season. The basic colored underwear will make you feel confident as soon as you pull it on.

3: Jockey

Jockey is an old-school underwear brand; that you must have tried in your youth as well. This brand is more towards the cotton-spandex fabric that provides a contour pouch for additional support. With a fresh look with every wash, you will be at peace on the work by wearing underwear by Jockey.

4: Mack Weldon

With the combination and blend of Lycra for stretch and cotton for comfort, Mack Weldon is a good option. Underwears by this brand keep you cool when the temperature is not so cool. The no-roll waistband makes the underpants secure and provides grip at the bottom legs.

5: Lululemon

Lululemon is a recently launched underwear brand that provides innovative fabric for maximum comfort. Also, this brand is full of variety, not traditionally style and primary colors. The underwear by Lululemon has a shape of a pouch in their underwear to keep the boys in position.

6: Fruit of the Loom

The fruit of the loom is a classic brand known for providing affordable products. The underwear and briefs by this brand have no-ride-up-legs construction. You can even wear their underwear with slim and skinny jeans.

7: Allbirds

It is a footwear company, but they have recently launched their underwear. Trino underpants are a combination of their tree and merino material. You must have heard about the merino wool material; breathable and moisture-wicking. You can consider this brand for occasional wear.

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