Private Number Plates As A Present – Yes Or No?

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Gift-giving is a tricky business, especially if you’ve known the person a long time and are running out of fresh ideas as their birthday approaches.

One option that more people are choosing at the moment is a private number plate. As a present, this offers plenty of perks, as well as a few complications to consider.

So should you buy a private number plate for that special someone in your life, or is it sensible to take a different approach when getting them a gift this year?

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Who’s It For?

This is without a doubt the most important question to ask yourself before buying a private number plate on sites like this. You don’t want to turn a special occasion into a disaster by choosing a present that’s totally wrong for the person receiving it.

A lot of this comes down to the personality of the individual in question. Have you heard them talk about enjoying the idea of owning a private number plate in the past? Do they like to express themselves and grab attention when they enter a room, or are they a little bit more introverted and insular?

It might seem that men are more likely to love a private number plate as a present than women, but this is not always the case. In fact many female car owners are just as eager to get their name, initials or significant digits plastered on a personalised plate.

Ideally you should feel out the lie of the land before you dive in and commit to buying a private plate as a present. Even if you want to give it as a surprise gift, you’ll be on firmer ground if you know it’s actually what they want beforehand.

What’s Your Budget?

The cost of buying a private number plate is incredibly varied, with sales generating more than £100 million a year in the UK alone. So before you get excited about the prospect of picking one up, think carefully about how much you’d like to spend.

The rarest and most unique plates can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you shop around and pick the combination of letters and numbers without being too fussy, you can get one for under £200.

In some cases you might have to buy the number plate you want at an auction, in which case the price will be even more open to fluctuations. Whatever the case, set your budget carefully and remember to stick to it to avoid disappointment.

Is It An Investment?

This is something that private number plate aficionados will already understand, but which first time buyers might not think about.

The upfront cost of a private plate may be steep in some cases, but if it is a desirable combination then it could actually increase in value over time. This means that the person who receives it as a present can keep it as long as they like, then sell it on further down the line.

Some incredibly rare plates are worth a fortune, with one example recently valued at £15 million. This is clearly not something that most buyers can expect to achieve, but is worth bearing in mind all the same.

This also ties into the idea that private plates are completely transferrable. As the owner changes cars, the plate can come along with them for the ride, maintaining their unique identity for all to see.

Ultimately the question of whether or not a private number plate is a good choice to give as a present will depend on all of these factors, so choose carefully and weigh up the different options rather than buying on a whim.

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