Make Her Want You More by Being a Perfect Gentleman

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Want all the girls to want you? It’s time get medieval then! Being a gentleman will make her want you more than ever before!

The art of dating is complicated and often riddled with mystery and intrigue. Mixed signals and poor communication (verbal and non-verbal) can be enough to turn her off, and that fire you felt in the first few dates will quickly fizzle out!

For many modern men, it can be difficult to actually determine what women want. The reason is quite simple.Not all women want the same thing. Some women are looking for love, others are looking for a casual fling. However, the one constant factor that all women are receptive to is the way in which you treat them.

Chivalry Is Not Dead (Yet)

Originally, chivalry was a code observed by Knights, which determined how they behaved both in battle, and in their everyday life. As time has progressed, the term is now used to describe courteous behaviour, particularly from men to women. Being a perfect gentleman is using the modern version of the code as a guideline for how to treat women. Men often seem to confuse chivalry with being a nice guy (we all know that nice guys finish last), but really it?s about treating women with the respect they deserve.

So what is the modern code of chivalry for 2008?

Opening doors

Now maybe it?s just me, but this is a very simple act. Common sense and courtesy would say that you open doors for anyone ? male or female ? that is coming through it in front of you or behind you. Everyone gets annoying at the person who lets a swinging door close in their face! With respect to your date, I?d extend this to opening the car door for her as well. It?s just a nice thing to do and she?ll lap it up!

Pull out her chair

This is another traditional gesture which is just common courtesy. When you?re at dinner with her, pull out her chair and push it in for her as she sits down. This also extends to other simple acts such as offering to pay for the meal and surprising her with flowers. Just do it with class and sincerity, and not because you think it is expected.

Pay attention

How many times have you stared into space while your date puts on her coat? If you could snap out of your day dream for a second, you?d realise that you could offer to take her coat and put it on her yourself. The added bonus here is if she has long hair. You have to lift the hair up with your hand or forearm so that it doesn?t get caught under the collar. You may not get the impression that she noticed but, trust me, she did!

Ask her opinion

There was a time when it was considered chivalrous for the man to take complete charge. He chose the meals, the drinks, the venue. The modern code is changing, and for good reason. Women are our equals and should be treated as such. They are perfectly capable of choosing where to eat and what wine to drink! Make the decision together. She?ll love you for it!

Meaningless Gestures?

The fact of the matter is this ? there are no meaningless gestures with women. Your attention to detail can determine the difference between you, the gentleman, and the ?typical guy?. Basic common courtesy is something that a lot of men simply don?t have. Just by reading this article you?re already one step ahead of the competition!

Becoming a perfect gentleman will have her bragging to her mother, her friends, and the rest of her family about you and it will make her want you even more.

So the next time you?re out on a date ? hold open the doors, put her coat on her yourself and treat her with the respect and dignity of a chivalrous knight!


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