Dance Craze Causes Broken Penis Epidemic in Jamaica

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The latest dance craze in Jamaica is something called daggering. Imagine a guy on the dance floor grinding on a woman and yet his penis is erect and he’s trying to jab it wherever he can. Basically, simulating sex, but not actually getting the manhood in the hole. We’re talking dirty, dirty dancing.

Now some folks in Jamaica have taken the craze into the bedroom with disastrous results.Poking at various parts of a woman’s anatomy while the beanpole is at attention can cause it to fracture. Men get a sudden, sharp pain and then the penis turns black and blue. Definitely do not try this at home.

The daggering craze has led to a tripling in the number of penis fractures in Jamaica. Some local clinics are seeing two cases a month and government officials are now cracking down on any media promoting daggering.

Of course, that doesn’t stop it from going up on YouTube. This video, aptly called daggering, gives you a bit of an idea of what’s going on here. Not to worry – it’s SFW. Unless your boss frowns upon you watching videos about sticking your penis in places it doesn’t belong. Can’t imagine that.


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