How to Sell FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 takes place in November and December this year across 8 venues in the country of Qatar. One of the biggest differences in this World Cup than usual is that it wil take place in winter, compared to usual summer. With this, club leagues around the world will take a break whilst the national teams compete for the biggest prize in football.
Fans will also be pleased to know that they can watch more than one game every day as the distances between the stadiums are very close in comparison to previous tournaments.

Where to Sell Your World Cup 2022 Tickets

The first option to sell tickets would be to contact FIFA and check the process of selling extra tickets. However, with this method, FIFA will take a minimum of 10% admin fee to resell your tickets. Whilst most tickets should resell, there are games in which the demand will be low, meaning that you have the risk of not being able to sell the tickets.

The next best option would be to sell 2022 World Cup  tickets via the ticket buying service and website The website  has a extremely good history of ticket purchasing and one in which we at have personally used in the past. They offer a very competitive price and one which we have recommended to friends and family.

How to Sell FIFA World Cup Tickets?

As with every world cup, there has been a high demand for tickets around the world. With this, many fans order tickets early in the buying process only for unforeseen circumstances resulting in the fact that will need to sell them.

The first and second ticket sales phases from FIFA have already ended with thousands of fans being notified about the tickets. There are other phases left in the World Cup ticketing stages so if you haven’t been fortunate to get the tickets you requested, be sure to try again next time.

FIFA Reported that in the first stage, they sold over 800,000 World Cup tickets with the biggest applicants from USA, England and Mexico.

The biggest games in the tournament have been announced:

  •  Argentina v Mexico
  • England v United States
  • Argentina v Saudi Arabia
  • Poland v Argentina

The third and final sales phase will be announced on closer to the tournament, be sure to sign up for the official newsletter to receive immediate notifications.  Ticket prices for the FIFA World Cup vary depending on the ticket category 1-4 , the stage of the tournament(group, knockout, finals) and whether it is for local or international fans.

World Cup Qatar 2022 Information

World Cup Qatar

For supporters in the UK and Ireland, the World Cup will be shown on live on the  BBC and ITV.

For those that were successful for tickets and wish to sell them, here are the different categories of Qatar 2022 :

Individual Match Tickets (IMT)

As per the title, these are tickets for a single game, from the group stages to the final.

Team-Specific Ticket Series

A perfect choice for fans of a national wanting to watch all the journey thoughout the world cup. The minimum amount is the three group matches, and you can continue your journey with Conditional Supporter Tickets. With this, if your team qualifies for the knockout match(es), you will be allotted ticket(s).

Four-Stadium Ticket Series:

This is a new feature to the Qatar 2022 tournament, fans can attend all matches in four different venues with a couple the days.

Announcement of Referee Officials

As soon as The World Cup Officials have been announced for all the games, we will update this article.

For further build up to this year’s world cup in Qatar, follow the official  FIFA World Cup account on Twitter.

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