How to Make Planning Your Wedding Go as Smoothly as Possible

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Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences you can go through. But no one said planning the wedding itself would be easy! Few people realise the sheer logistics and details that go into putting on such a large event. Traversing this with your partner can therefore be a stressful, not-to-mention expensive process. This can end up putting unnecessary strain on your relationship unless you go into it with a clear head. Here are a few tips for reducing the stress while you plan a wedding, so the experience is as easy and straightforward as possible.

Make a Budget Early and Stick to It

The average cost of a wedding in the UK stands at roughly £20,000. This is a large sum of money for most couples at any time, but particularly given the current economic climate. It is no surprise therefore that managing the expenses associated with planning and hosting a wedding are in a lot of cases the primary reason why organising the wedding can be so stressful. And while many couples do attempt to make budgets prior to planning a wedding, sticking to it can be another thing entirely. It is therefore important you create a realistic budget that you can adhere to. This way, the costs will not become overwhelming. This is also important because wedding services such as florists and tailors will take your budget into account when issuing you a quote, if you notify them beforehand. Unfortunately, the prices in the wedding industry are quite fluid, so it is difficult to stick completely rigidly to a budget. However, one way to make this easier is to thoroughly research the expenses involved prior to settling on a number to aim for. This way, you will have a realistic idea of what everything should cost.


Even if you and your partner are a perfect match, it’s unlikely that you will have the same taste and preferences on everything. It is therefore important to alleviate the stress on your relationship by making compromises while planning your wedding. For example, if you want them to match, you may opt for an elegant palladium ring, if your partner’s tastes are glamorous, while you would prefer something more minimal. Compromising will make both of you feel as if your views are being listened to, and allow for you both to have a say in the wedding plans.

Personalise It

A lot of couples have a stereotyped idea of getting married in their head involving all of the traditional elements. And while a big wedding with lots of attendants and a grand venue can be the dream for many people, it can also be a large source of anxiety for others. This is because big weddings are naturally more expensive, and also involve a lot of planning and logistics. You should therefore consider tailoring the wedding to your and your partner’s specific preferences. This can not only reduce planning, but will also make you feel more excited and positive about the event itself.

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