How to increase your likes on Instagram for car lovers

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The debate about how vain an individual is, can always be a long and tedious conversation and usually leads to someone being offended; however, some individuals are and love to be vain and this is most apparent case with some drivers. The reason I brought this up is because I came across a controversial study the other day called ‘Doin It For The Gram’, from Manchester based Car Leasing firm All Car Leasing; which looked at social media habits as well as driving habits across the population of the UK. Part of the study looked at how often individuals post to social media and how age, location and gender can all make influences on how much you post.

The overall conclusion was that those who own private plates, modify their car and clean often were more than likely to post to social media than the other candidates; which you would probably expect. However, the interesting fact was that millennials (aged 24-34) were the most likely to post to social media. With 70% of them having posted to social media, and of that percentage, 68% of them were surprisingly females. The study therefore suggesting they are the vainest respondents. Because of the study, I wanted to support those who were flagged as ‘vain’ by creating a short guide on taking the best Instagram shots for cars to get the greatest number of likes!

Instagram Guide on getting more likes on car related posts:

Use of Hashtags:

Although many people have stopped using hashtags these days it doesn’t mean that they are not effective; because they are! Instagram posed hashtags as a way to string content together in categories so people who don’t follow you can access your content through the hash amongst others. This means that more people will be able to see your pictures and therefore will increase likes as well. #car #throttle #boyracer

Using Filters and getting the best possible angle:

When taking pictures of your car, or anything for the matter, it is imperative to get a good angle for the shot. It may mean that you must sit on the floor to get the best possible angle, but it’s worth all that effort of getting back up! Having a good angle accentuates the look of the car amongst the background and this couples well with the use of filter’s as well!

Tagging your location:

Tagging your location may seem like it does nothing, but it provides more of a sense of personality and makes it easier for users to discover your photos. This goes well with writing a great caption as well, something that is witty and funny always entices people to like!

Post at the right time:

It also makes a difference as to when you post to Instagram and this goes for every social media. Posting mid-day when people are working is ineffective, as nobody will be scrolling through timelines at that moment in time. Posting just after work, or after an evening meal is the primetime for social media usage!


Doin’ it for the ‘gram by All Car Leasing

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