A Guy’s Guide to Swimwear

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Whilst it is still winter outside for the most of us, the summer will be here soon enough and it will be time to think about wearing shorts and swimwear. Most of us want to look good in swimwear, be comfortable and wear something practical. Most guys go for a standard swimwear but there are several different options to choose from, most are categorised by the length of the shorts and the looseness of the fit.

Here is our a definitive men’s guide to swimwear.



The most popular type of swimwear on the market  are named trunks, they look similar to shorts you would wear on land but are made with lighter materials which are fast drying. Usually tighter than normal shorts they can be purchased in many different colors and lengths,



For those wanting to do board activities such as surfing then these are a great option. They are designed to be comfortable whilst doing sport and often don’t have an elastic waist. The biggest difference is that they usually come below your knees and are longer than trunks.

Speedos (Briefs)


Most guys will refer to swim briefs as Speedos, the brand associated with this tight v shaped swimwear. Whilst professional swimmers will use Speedo’s, these are more popular in Europe than in the US and Canada.

Square Cut Shorts


Square cut shorts are similar to boxer briefs in which they are elastic and tight to the body and short in length. Tip: Only wear these if you have a good body as they are form-fitting suit. Good for aquatic sports and those not wanting to wear speedos.

Wetsuits / Drysuits


This swimwear are designed for those performing activities with prolonged immersion, normally in in scuba diving or water skiing in cold water. Close fitting but recommended for the above activities.

Swim Shirts

Designed specifically to stop against rashes when performing surfing, however can be used for people who burn easily but still want to be exposed in the pool.

Boys Swimwear

For those looking for boys swimwear is often easier than for guys to shop for, any of the options above are great, it all depends on what style your son likes.

When it comes to buying swimwear, unless you are a under 10 or have a well defined body then probably the square shorts or speedos will not be a good option. For the average guy then we recommend choosing the typical trunks, be sure to choose a good quality brand. If you only have one or two pairs of shorts then make sure that the quality is good and fashionable for your taste. For other tips read our 10 tips every guy must know. 

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