Gadget Review: Motorola FOCUS71 with Hubble Connected

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We at are always looking for technology gadgets that makes our lives better and more comfortable. This week we had the pleasure of reviewing the Motorola FOCUS71 with Hubble Connected.

The Motorola FOCUS71 is an indoor, Wi-Fi camera with full HD (1080p) encrypted video streaming straight to mobile device. A great feature of this product is that other people such as grandparents can login and watch the camera and even speak through the device. During the past several weeks this has been a great way for our family members to connect with our children and even read them a book whilst they are hundreds of miles away.

The camera is easily mountable to either the wall or to a flat surface and takes minutes to install. The software behind the product is Hubble Connected which is a great application available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

 The Hubble Connected app reduces physical distance by providing eyes and ears for the grandparents to check in on their loved ones from anywhere with their mobile devices or tablets.

Key Features

  • 90-degree wide angle view
  • Night Vision feature
  • Two-way talk – allows user to hear and talk back.
  • microSD card slot – allows for saving locally.
  • Cloud Storage

Other Features

Check In From Anywhere

Ability to check-in from anywhere and view the live feed, great for those of us that work away and want to check in.

Zoom & Video Quality

Image looks great on any mobile device with 1080p HD and even has a digital zoom to take a closer look.

Motion Detection

The ability to set up boundaries in specific areas means that if motion or sound is detected a notification will be sent to your device real-time.

Official Video

Motorola have put together this video which highlights some of the best features the FOCUS71 and Hubble Connected have.

Overall Summary

After using and testing this device for several weeks, we can highly recommend it to our readers for the features listed above. We particularly like that the camera is multi-use meaning that not only can we use it as a communication device between our children and family members,  we can also use it as a security device when we are not home. For the low price of $39.99, we doubt there is anything else on the market that offers the same Motorola quality and features as this.

To purchase the device and more information visit Hubble Connected

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