Dressing For The Casino, The Right Way

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We have all had a moment of doubt when you realize you are about to go to a casino with a whole bunch of people, and yet you are not sure how to dress. After all, what do you wear to a casino? Do you believe Mr Bond and wear a tuxedo, order a martini and pray on your stars that you are not the only one dumb enough to do so? Or do you wear a Hawaiian shirt and large sunglasses just like Mr Gonzo would have done and hope that the bouncer does not kick you out before you even step foot on the casino carpet?

The thing is, picking out an outfit is not as complicated as you would think. Deciding what to wear goes as far as researching the casino you are going to and understanding what kind of casino it is. It would also be worth your while to find out what kind of even if you are going to be going to. This way, you can make sure to just hit the spot, instead of just missing it. So, without further ado, let us get into it.

Black tie

This is where you break out your bond fit and you prepare to look classy as can be. This is where you don your best tuxedo and you waltz in looking all classy and snazzy at the same time. Usually, these events are held after 6 pm and include some highly alcoholic drinks and a lot of classy talks. The black-tie event became popular in the 1880’s when the tuxedo first came about. Fashion defines the class, right? Well, if you go to a black-tie VIP event to play roulette or blackjack, know that you are expected to behave appropriately. This includes not getting drunk and keeping track of where you are and who you are. If you are going to be gambling, just don’t lose yourself in the game and keep playing for the sake of playing, not for the sake of winning. Or at least don’t be too obvious about it.

White tie

The white tie is by far the most formal type of attire that a man can wear. It is also kept especially for extra posh events, such as when the Queen of England comes by, or when you visit one of the Lord’s events or something. Most people never end up going to a white tie event, simply because there are not that many reasons, in an average life, to go to one. But, in case you do end up going to a casino with a white tie dress code, remember this. The evening tailcoat is required, as expected, and it is different from the morning coat. You need to wear high waisted trousers, specifically designed for the white tie events. A white shirt with a single cuff, a waistcoat, as well as a white bow tie. And, even if you don’t necessarily like hats, you should put on that top hat your grandpa put away in the attic, because of disuse. Also, grab a boutonniere.


This is quite possibly the most frequent level of dressing up you will ever have to do when you head out to a casino. Semi-Formal is basically a jacket, a business suit, a shirt, pants and maybe even a tie. You don’t have to go out of your way, and this is the way you are going to want to dress when you head out to a casino you have never been to before.


This is also acceptable at many casinos, and many won’t kick you out, simply because you are wearing casual dress. Although, it is important to remember that after 6 pm, all casinos turn into a semi-formal at least dress code, so make sure you don’t end up being casual somewhere where you shouldn’t be casual.

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