Do you Need Social Media for your Business?

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Is social media the right platform for you to grow your brand? The potential benefit for brands of different sizes makes it an ideal option for those looking to expand. Social media is available across the world, and features over 3.5 billion active monthly users. But can social media really grow your brand?

How can social media grow your brand?

Social media will boost your visibility levels. The high user numbers on the platform suggest that it could be a great avenue for brands, with users showcasing a high interest in brands online. Did you know that an average of 70% of users follow at least one brand across social media? This can even be up to 8% on some platforms, with a 99% interest across certain demographics. By going online, you would be able to access these potentially interested clients and could grow your brand.

The platform allows you an avenue to monitor your clients’ demands, which could be invaluable to your brand. You can interact with them as well, which is ideal for brands that are looking to develop client loyalty. Since other brands are on social media as well, you could explore the competition and stay ahead of any releases, as well as take advantage of potential slip ups.

Can social media hurt your business?

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The wrong social media practices could harm your brand. Two popular phrases should guide your social media activity at all times. It is important to remember that you need years to build your reputation, but could negatively impact it within five minutes. You should also keep in mind that the internet never forgets. Any negative action on your part could harm your brand both online and offline, with the effects lasting for years to come. You need to maintain healthy social media activity to ensure you do not significantly harm your brand. These are the worst social media practices you should avoid at all times

Ignoring negative comments

Potential clients and other social media users will get online and interact with your brand through your dedicated social media pages. As we have underlined before, it is important that you maintain consistent and professional responses with all people who comment or post on your platform, regardless of the nature of their interaction. You should never ignore negative comments. Instead, it would be better for your brand if your employees adopt a problem solving approach. Yu will be more likely to build a loyal following and could turn around negative perception, which will play a big part in helping you grow your brand.

Doing it all alone

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You need a social media team to maximize on your online presence. Having a team ensures that you can spread out your social activity across different platforms to a number of people who will represent your brand. This will reduce the likelihood that you are stretched out, which can be integral when building positive brand-client relationships. It would be better for you if you focus on a small social media presence until you have sufficient staffing capacity to address the high workload.

Working without a social strategy

What are your goals? Do you know how to work towards them? Being on social media alone will not guarantee success. Many brands make the mistake of venturing into social media without setting up an actionable plan that will help them achieve their goals. It can be counterproductive and may cause harm to your brand, as well as cost you essential resources without any returns. If you are going to set up your brand on social media, it is essential that you understand how you will coordinate and plan your social activity for optimum success in achieving your goals.

Copying successful social activity by other brands

You should strive to create your own unique presence on social media. It could be difficult to achieve success on social media if you attempt to replicate other brands’ social activity and campaigns because users will be able to identify and may be put off by any similarities. You can and should monitor online activity by other brands, particularly the most successful ones in your industry, but it is even more important that you retain your unique element to be able to attract your target audience better.

What platform is the most suitable one for you?

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There are many different platforms available for brands on the internet. You can find a social media platform that suits your goals and increases your level of access to your target audience. You can choose between LinkedIn, Faceboook, Reddit, Twitter and other platforms. What should you look for in a platform that is ideally suited for your brand?

The biggest draw of a social media platform should be its ability to connect you to as many people from your target audience as possible. Every social media platform will feature a number of demographics, and it is important that you set up on those that will offer your desired type of access. It would be pointless to carry out great social media activity if it has no impact on your ability to interact with persons who are actually interested in your brand.

Any social media platform you join should be free of charge to avoid increasing your expenditure beyond unnecessary levels. There are many free -to-join social media platforms, with a number of these offering better qualities than membership only platforms. However, you should not definitively cut out all spending on social media. There are many paid advertisement and targeting options that can enhance your marketing ability, making these platforms great for you. You may consider automatic likes for Instagram, promoted tweets for Twitter and retargeting strategies for Facebook to help you achieve your desired impact online.

A great social media platform should allow you to share your preferred type of content, and may include variety as well. It should also allow you to link content to your website if you have one, which could work to drive traffic and increase visibility levels.

The right social media platform for you will only offer limited benefits if you do not engage in the best social media practices for your brand. Remember to stay vigilant on all your posts and interactions with users to avoid the development of an unfavorable reputation.

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