Components of an ID Badge for Your Office

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Identification or ID badge have evolved as an essential part of office and workplace role identification needs. The purpose of having badges is to identify every single worker and ensure their safety at the workplace. Hence they need to have some critical components, here are a few listed below:


A well-designed identification card is as important as the security features it has. It is best to leave it to a professional graphic designer to develop some practical options before finalizing a design that looks attractive and functional. While essential services like healthcare and hospitals prefer specific color schemes, it is left to the management to decide the color theme for other offices. Also, different colors can be used to designate various levels of security.

Each company stands apart and is easily identifiable by the general public by the unique logo it sports. While designing the logo, companies give importance to the font, size, color, etc., to convey a distinct brand image and message.  Most employees and security personnel recognize a company by its logo design. Most logos feature holograms as a security feature to discourage duplication and misuse of their badges.

Employee Photo

A company’s ID badge displays the employee’s photograph on the front side of the badge. When a photo is displayed, it is easy for security personnel to identify the wearer. That is why several essential documents like a driver’s license, passport, company ID card, etc., feature the person’s photograph prominently. At the workplace, too, it makes the job of security personnel easier when the badge carries the wearer’s photo.


As these badges are worn daily, it is crucial to use the most durable material like PVC or HID, which can last for years without fading or forming dog’s ears at the corners. It is also highly secure, as it is challenging to create a duplicate version as the forger requires expensive ID printers to duplicate such badges.

Unlike paper ID cards, the ones made out of PVC or other tough material cannot be printed on any ordinary printer.

Personal Details

The ID badge of an employee carries their personal information. Some job-related certifications, titles, etc., are also displayed on these badges, making it easy to know some basic facts about the wearer. Some companies insist on blood groups of the employee being mentioned, which may be useful during any medical emergency. However, companies go by specific guidelines and may not divulge some information considering the employees’ privacy.


For some companies, it is not enough if names and photographs appear on the badges. They insist on including the employees’ signature to be printed on the front side of the card. Including the signature may be required from the security angle, as it is very challenging to duplicate individual signatures. Duplication and related fraudulent activities are curbed when employees’ signatures are included.

Vertical & Horizontal

The badge’s orientation is also specified by some companies who prefer either a vertically or horizontally oriented ID badge, depending on how they wish their employees to wear such badges. Some companies may want the employees to swipe their cards to record attendance and time and take breaks. Such companies prefer a particular orientation that makes frequent swiping easier.


While some badges feature information on either side, some have the information restricted to one side. It will depend on the details that need to be displayed and vary from company to company. Some companies prefer to add some vital information on the back of the card for identification purposes.

Summing it Up

There is probably no office or workplace that does not require its employees to wear badges for identification and security purposes. Most companies consider their badges as brand identities and insist on specific features like logo and color to match the specifications.

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