A Guy’s Guide to The Nightlife in Prague

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This summer we were fortunate to go across Europe to some of the best cities and experience the culture & nightlife on offer. Whilst all were amazing places, nothing compared to the Czech city of Prague.

The Fun begins after 10pm

Unless you want to miss the fun then we recommend that you take your time when drinking in Prague. The real action starts after 10pm so whilst it is great idea to sit by the Vltava River and drink some beers, we advise you not too start too early, otherwise you will be in bed.

Drink with the locals

Czech beer is world famous. The Czech Republic is the No.1 beer drinking nation on the planet, with locals drinking some 156 litres. Beer is served almost everywhere in Prague, even in breakfast cafés! The beer is great and it is also cheap, if you avoid the main square in the city. Prague is is home to the world’s strongest beer, X33 at over 11% the slogan is don’t drink this alone. Drink with the locals, they will be more than happy to share a few beers.

Clubs Start Late

The clubs in Prague start later than they do almost anywhere we have been. If you arrive before 1am you will be dancing and drinking on your own. Hence why we recommend pacing yourself, it is a long night. After 1am then there are many options in the city and here are some of the favourites:

  • Chapeau Rouge is known to be a crazy place to party and with three levels in the club playing different music then it will meet most people’s taste. There is a dance music room so if you want to get hot and sweaty then head in there.
  • Remember the name, Karlovy Lazne . It can be touristy but if you are looking for a massive club with different types of music then go here. We do think it is expensive here so don’t expect a cheap night out, for that see our other recommendations. The location is great and gets extremely busy at weekends. Not our first choice but one to make note of.

7 Days a Week Partying

That’s right, unlike any other major city we went to, Prague has great nightlife 7 days a week. Even if you want to go and explore some busy bars on a Sunday, you will be sure to find one.

We always want to hear from our readers, have you been to Prague? What did you think? Have we missed anything that we should include?

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