A Complete Guide to Flipping Houses

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Getting into the house-flipping business is no walk in the park. As with any businesses, there is a general roadmap for lasting success. Before you assume that everything’s coming up roses, take a closer look at the effort involved in home renovations and house flipping. Whether you are pursuing your own business or want to begin house-flipping as a side project, you are in for a ton of work that is, ultimately, incredibly rewarding! To get started on this ambitious process, here is a complete guide to flipping houses.

Build A-Team

You will need to hire the right people to carry out business successfully. House flipping requires a crew of talented individuals, each skilled in their area of expertise or craft. You will need the best of the best, so take your time hiring the right people. To find contractors near you do a local search. For example, you can specifically look for independent contractors in Oakland or wherever you’re currently flipping.

Make sure that everyone you hire is licensed and can back up their work experience. You want people who know what they’re doing so that you feel you can depend on your crew to get things done on time and with the quality that you expect. When you find the people you think would make good team players, see how they work for a few weeks before hiring them permanently. Those who are patient and showcase the skills you need are the only people you should want to work with anyway, so don’t feel like you’ll scare people off by taking your time.

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Find Your Market

A critical step in getting involved with house flipping is finding the perfect market to land exceptional returns on investment. Usually, this means narrowing down the locations, neighborhoods, and house price points that make the most financial sense for resale purposes, and of course, your budget. You will need to take time researching areas that allow you to increase home values, and that make the most sense for your projections. Think outside of the box and look in different states to see what kind of market potential is available. If you want to expand your locations to areas with more expensive properties, you’ll need to find a loan solution that makes sense. For example, you can secure your finances with hard money loans Houston, if you’re looking to get into this hot market.

Create A Website

Market your services as a house flipper and advertise what you and your team can do using a website and photo gallery of previous projects. Potential clients will want to see what kind of renovations you can offer, so keeping a record of your projects will help boost customer interest. If you only want to flip houses that you come across, you should still advertise this on your website to look for buyers and sellers. Sometimes, you can get a steady clientele by house flipping under both approaches, so see what works best. You might also include client reviews on your site so that people can get a sense of things to know before flipping a house, and the rapport you have with customers. Potential customers will build trust with your company the more they see that other customers recommend your services.

Be Extremely Patient

The process of house flipping is time-consuming. You will find yourself waiting around for phone calls and responses constantly. You can’t control how quickly other people respond, but you can take action to market your business effectively. Be patient with the process and understand that selling, renovating, and marketing all take time and effort. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business won’t be either!

The Bottom Line

House flipping is a business like any other. It will take time to get the financial rewards you desire. You’ll get there! Keep your chin up and stay motivated.


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