10 Best Motovloggers to Watch When You Can’t Ride

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It’s riding season again—but something is a little different in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many riders are choosing to play it safe and refrain from hitting the streets like they normally would. Even small events like local bike meetups, to say nothing of large motorcycle rallies, seem like a distant dream.

While watching motorcycle videos will never truly be a substitute for getting out there and riding, these ten motovloggers are doing a great job of creating interesting and engaging content for riders of all experience levels. From scenic rides to customization tips, check out these YouTube channels for hours of outstanding bike content until it’s safe to enjoy motorcycles as a community again.

1. Knucklestv

If it’s loud, has tons of horsepower and is crazy fun, you can probably find it on knucklestv. This jam-packed channel includes everything from bike reviews to ride videos and travel diaries, including gear reviews of must-have gadgets like Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. Finally, you’ll also find his visits to Powersports rallies and car shows around the US, all of which are full of eye-popping, custom vehicle designs.

2. M13

The Canadian rider known as M13 (also known as Mordeth13) was among the very first motovloggers when he started his channel in 2006. While he’s no longer the only game in town, he still makes awesome videos that many riders will enjoy. Like many motovloggers, he covers numerous subjects outside of riding, from airsoft guns to being a new parent. M13’s channel is particularly good if you’re interested in riding in East Asia, as he resides in Taiwan and covers the surrounding scene.

3. BaronVonGrumble

Another prolific, longtime contributor to motovlogging is BaronVonGrumble. BVG’s beautiful and well-edited videos feature his collection of drool-worthy bikes, like the Yamaha R1M. The Baron even has access to some highly exclusive bikes that you won’t find on many other channels, such as the utterly insane BMW HP4. His channel is a great one to check out if you want to observe some gorgeous machines in action.

4. RoyalJordanian

RoyalJordanian has you covered if you’re looking for a motovlog with great bikes and lovely views of London. RJ’s Daily Observations series is a fun and calming chronicle of his journeys around London and with over 270 videos in the series, a patient viewer can observe a good chunk of the UK’s capital. The rumble of his signature Husqvarna Nuda 900R is music to the ears of riders who love great sounding bikes, and he’s even done a crossover video with BaronVonGrumble.

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5. MaxWrist

Wanna see a BMW S1000RR street race against a Ferrari on a twisting mountain road? If you think other Powersports vloggers seem a little tame in what they’re willing to attempt, MaxWrist is for you. This YouTuber and his riding group make extreme sportbike riding into a way of life, with many well-edited videos of crazy highway stunts executed at terrifying speeds. And if you’re a big fan, his channel offers MaxWrist merchandise to show off your allegiance to the king of gonzo motovloggers.

6. Her Two Wheels

Regrettably, it’s not nearly as easy as it should be to find female motovloggers, but Her Two Wheels is giving us hope for the future. Jess, an Ohioan and owner of a Harley Dyna, makes motovlog videos in which she talks frankly about cycling from a woman’s perspective. Her Two Wheels’ fun and informative vlog entries include gear reviews, bike reviews, scenic rides and more. Her content is especially geared toward women who are just entering the world of motorcycles for the first time.

7. RidingWithTom

Adventure riders with a taste for exotic locales will love RidingWithTom (RWT), an Australian vlogger who films his travels in the wild deserts of the Outback and beyond. Although RWT rides and reviews many different types of bikes, dirt bikes are his passion. His riding adventures on desert trails are deliciously gnarly. Viewers love his signature self-deprecating sense of humor—his channel description invites viewers to “watch [him] ride motorcycles terribly.”

8. Snowcat

Don’t be fooled by the name—the YouTuber known as snowcat isn’t a snowmobiler, but rather one of America’s most influential motorcycle vloggers. Snowcat is especially well known as, shall we say, an aggressive advocate for safe driving and the compilations of him excoriating drivers who don’t know how to respect motorcyclists are legendary viewing material. He’s also a burgeoning globe-trotter who has posted his rides and road trips in locales from Vancouver to Las Vegas to India.

9. CycleCruza

CycleCruza’s channel is a great resource for motorcycle newbies and veterans alike. Many of his most popular videos deal with hot topics in the cycling community and provide expert guidance on topics like the best bikes for beginners, how to break bad riding habits, essential riding gear and more. Just don’t expect the Swiss Alps when it comes to scenery—nearly all of CycleCruza’s videos are filmed in his home state of Ohio.

10. Do It With Dan

Do It With Dan is a channel with tons of variety to keep you on your toes. This vlogger first became known for his fun-loving, down-to-earth personality on his motovlogs, but his channel has expanded to include everything from home improvement to cooking. One day, you can watch him redo his shop floor with epoxy, and the next day he’s riding a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300—that’s just how it goes. His channel is also great for all kinds of gearheads, with project build series like a Honda Shadow Bobber and a ‘73 Camaro restoration.

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These ten motovloggers are only the beginning—YouTube has thousands more. Just don’t go down the motovlogging rabbit hole while you’re supposed to be working from home, or you’re almost guaranteed to spend the next hour listening to killer pipes and watching wheelie videos.

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