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Holy S*#t: The Most Sweartastic Movies Ever Made

If you like movies jam-packed with f-words and expletives, you'll want to check out the most foul-mouthed films in movie history. It's sweartastic.


It's no secret that we love movies here at Just A Guy Thing. We like horror movies, generic guy films and guy flicks we haven't seen before. However, we've never actually chosen a movie based solely on the level of profanity it contains. For a start, how would we know which movies were the most effin' foul-mouthed? Well, those wonderful folks over at Kids In Mind have done just that, and a whole lot more too.

The site seeks to advise adults about a movies suitability for children, and it's pretty damn comprehensive. What we love about Kids In Mind is that they pass no judgment on the nudity, profanity and violence that each reviewer bears witness to. Each category achieves a mark of out 10 and it covers everything from Dunstan Checks In ("Sexual innuendo; a towel-clad woman moans pleasurably while being massaged.") to the one movie that scored a perfect 10 in each category, 70's slasher, Halloween.

The level of detail is fantastic. Take Team America: World Police - "62 F-words and its derivatives, 12 sexual references, 9 scatological terms, 59 anatomical terms, 14 mild obscenities, 14 derogatory terms for homosexuals (some are in an ongoing play on words referring to the Film Actors Guild as F.A.G.), 1 derogatory term for African-Americans, 6 religious profanities, 15 religious exclamations (1 in French with no translation)." Somebody had to take the time to count and compile these facts. That's comprehensive.

Only two movies had a level of swear words so high that the reviewers literally couldn't count them all - comedy Fear Of A Black Hat ("F-words galore and other profanities, from the opening credits to the end, nonstop") and the bare-breasted Madonna flick Dangerous Game ("Counting the F-words will force the viewer to miss the film. There is also a full range of scatological and anatomical terms").

Here are a selection of the most foul-mouthed films in movie history (minus the two that couldn't be counted).


Summer Of Sam



This New York serial-killer flick from Spike Lee is a furious foul-mouthed frenzy of expletives with a tally of "about 400 f-words" and a few homosexual and racial insults.

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Alpha Dog



Ignoring the fact that the geek from The Girl Next Door got cast as a drugs dealer, Alpha Dog contains "310 f-words and it's derivatives". Pretty fu*king impressive, considering the movie was a total let down.

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Running Scared



Guns, corrupt cops and a bag full of 267 f-words sounds like a recipe for success. That is, until you cast Paul Walker as the lead actor. There were also 4 derogatory terms for homosexuals - all of which were directed at Paul Walker by the cast and crew on the set.

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Pulp Fiction



Pulp Fiction very nearly reached a perfect 10 across all categories, narrowly missing out in the sex stakes. (Although that gay rape scene would have pushed it to a 10 if we were reviewing it!) The swear count weighs in at about 250 f-words but they don't specify whether it includes Samuel L Jackson's wallet...

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State Property 2



Never seen it? Us neither. But it does boast an impressive 248 of our four-lettered friends and you can't really argue with mobsters, can you?

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The Big Lebowski



After brazenly missing this movie off our 100 Movies Every Guy Must See list, we're happy to finally include the Coen brothers cult classic. About 240 f-words in this flick, most of them booming from the vocal chords of John Goodman's character, Walter. ("Shut the fu*k up, Donny!")

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Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back



Although 228 f-words is pretty good going, if Silent Bob had pulled his effin' weight, this lewd parody from the mind of Kevin Smith would have managed a whole lot more profanity. Shame, really.

Buy Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back


The Departed



Chalk up 226 f-words and its derivatives for the legendary Martin Scorcese. He also makes sure that 'acoustically-impaired' viewers don't miss out by including six obscene hand gestures. What a gentleman.

Buy The Departed

Do you have a sweartastic movie favorite that isn't listed here? Drop your recommendation in the comments, you fu*king *&#$.

[...] S*#t: The Most

[...] S*#t: The Most Sweartastic Movies Ever [...]

Just like the article on the

Just like the article on the top horror movies, this is perfect. Somewhere out there (through the wonders of searching) people can find videos made of 2 of these movies: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and The Big Lebowsky. Someone with some video editing skills and some free time put together "The Fucking Short Version" of both of the mentioned movies. All these do is highlight the more memorable uses of the colourful parts of the English language.

Fantastic list guys. Can you

Fantastic list guys. Can you do one similar to the imaginary one in Knocked Up, listing the top movies for Boobs and Bush? haha

Fantastic list guys. How

Fantastic list guys. How 'bout one listing the best Boobs and Bush in movies, like they had in Knocked Up. hahaha

Fantastic list. It's

Fantastic list. It's hilarious that there's such a correlation between swearing and quality in modern movies.

I'm surprised that 'Casino'

I'm surprised that 'Casino' didn't make it to the list.

The Boondock Saints. Rocco

The Boondock Saints. Rocco going ape-shtit in the hotel rooms must break some sort of spead record for dropping the f-bomb.

Midnight Run with De Niro and

Midnight Run with De Niro and Grodin. C'mon...this movie easily has 250 F-bombs!

How could Scarface not make

How could Scarface not make this list?

how come trainspotting's not

how come trainspotting's not on the list?

I would have to think that

I would have to think that Reservoir Dogs and the South Park movie should be pretty close to being on this list.

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Full Metal Jacket, that

Full Metal Jacket, that opening scene on top of everything else is awesome.

Great Article. Sorry I

Great Article. Sorry I didn't find it sooner.
That classic sports feature "Slapshot" uses all of George Carlin's 7 words quite profusely (with the exception of motherf*cker, which of course reached it's zenith in popularity with the legendary Samuel L. Jackson and "Pulp Fiction"). There's even swearing in French! How many movies have you seen with swearing in French?

I watched Running Scared

I watched Running Scared tonight, with a clicker in hand, and counted 351 f-bombs with derivatives. This does not include any uttered in Spanish or Russian, and I think I may have missed a few.

Now there is a site dedicated

Now there is a site dedicated to the numbers of f-bombs in movies...

Where's the South Park movie

Where's the South Park movie on this list?

Hello?!?!?!? has everyone

Hello?!?!?!? has everyone forgot about a little movie called "CASINO"!?!?!? dude seriously it's not even listed. It contains the word F**K 422 times. how is it not listed??? The king of all curse word movies! list it or lose your credibility. Good stuff nevertheless. Lates



There is a film from Scotland

There is a film from Scotland called 'One Day Removals.' It's got 440 F's and heaps of C's.

Non stop swearathon. All in context though.

what about ''southpark

what about ''southpark bigger, longer, uncut''?

i just watched one day

i just watched one day removals with some friends! i was trying to count but around 440 is just a rough guess..was laughing so much!

just found the swear word

just found the swear word edit of one day removals on youtube...hilarious!

I was wondering if someone

I was wondering if someone would tell me the name of the movie where the characters make up their own swear words... i.e. bastages etc. The story line was about this kid who grows up in the mofia. Please help. Thanks.

Hi Marge, I think the

Hi Marge,

I think the movie is Johnny Dangerously, with Micheal Keaton. The mafia boss is the guy that keeps saying things like 'you fargin bastiges' and 'corksuckers.' Silly but fun film with lots of great lines.

i think south park

i think south park

i think in the loop,one day

i think in the loop,one day removals,casino,nil by mouth and finally south park.

here's my list of 20

here's my list of 20 sweartastic movies,ready:south park,in the loop,one day removals,nil by mouth,casino,green street,layer cake,born on the 4th of july,the big labowski,usual suspects,reservoir dogs,pulp fiction,goodfellas,the chopper,twin town,outlaw,superbad,summer of sam,green street 2 and the departed.most of these are hard to argue with.

south park

south park

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[...] top twelve nude scenes

[...] top twelve nude scenes ever filmed, as rated in this (semi-SFW) list. It has five of the eight most sweartastic movies of all time. It’s full of music whose very titles will offend many people. And all this stuff can be [...]

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