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Get Familiar With The Street Art Of 'Hanksy'

No, not "Banksy." There's already been a ton of coverage on that guy, so if you want to learn a LOT about Banksy, go watch 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'. It's a great, wildly entertaining film. No. I'm talking about Hanksy, the guy who got his start putting Tom Hanks' face on reproductions of Banksy's street art, which is pretty darn awesome. 

Now Hanksy is starting to stand up on his own, and consequently, he's getting a little more respect than a one-note knock-off would. Not a ton of respect, mind you, but a little. I mean, there's a ceiling for artists who fashion themselves off of a pun on the names "Tom Hanks" and "Banksy," right? He's made a pretty high-profile career of street art spoofs, and I think the enigmatic Banksy would approve. Take a look:

940 reverend-jen-hanksy-art-show-1-17-12-9.jpg

941 Hanksy1.jpg

942 hanksy-mcfly.jpg

943 hanksy-1.jpg


945 hanksy.jpg

946 hanksy-vanilla-ice-2-560x420.jpeg

947 Hanksy-Pie-Hard-1335473106.jpg

948 HANKSY (1).jpg

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