I tried 8 jogger pants. Only 1 is actually worth buying.

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For the past year I have been seeing “jogger pants” popping up everywhere. Apparently they’re fancy sweatpants.

I decided I had to try this new concept for myself so I bought 8 pairs. From 8 different companies. This may sound excessive, but I like to be thorough. Very thorough.

I won’t bore you with the details of my trials. The clear winner was Birddogs. Right out of the box they felt like ultra comfy sweatpants. This initially made me hesitant because I paid $109 for these things and while I value comfort, that seemed excessive. However, once I tried them on I understood the lofty price point. I actually liked the way I looked. They felt amazing and looked good enough to wear anywhere. This has never happened before in sweatpants.

The products from the other companies all fell short for one reason or another. The Lululemon pair had a similar feel but did not fit as well. The Vuori pair was comfortable but looked like baggy sweatpants. The Birddogs joggers were the full package and the only ones I did not return… I bought more.

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