Which workplace perks are men particularly drawn towards?

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so the well-known John Gray book titled as such has led us to believe. Okay, so we didn’t exactly need scientific backing for us to see how men and women differ – especially as Red Planet natives can noticeably differ in their workplace incentives.

Admittedly, research suggests that the differences are relatively subtle – but, if you run a company that seems to attract many more female than male applicants, you might be missing these perks…

Financial stability

No, not necessarily financial stability for themselves; according to a Glassdoor survey highlighted by Harvard Business Review, 80% of employees would prefer additional benefits to a salary increase. Rather, it’s the company’s financial stability that matters to men.

In a survey detailed by Business News Daily, over 35% of men declared a firm’s financial health very important to them, whereas only 28% of female workers thought the same. Well, who wants to compete for a job that they could soon be thrown out of when a recession hits?

Career progression

Is it possible for a company to let its staff advance within, rather than beyond, the company? Well, some companies might already, say, fund training opportunities and hand out well-warranted promotions from time to time.

That’s a good thing for employee retention, too – especially when it comes to male employees. In the just-mentioned survey, 42% of them revealed that they seek career-progression opportunities in a job; by comparison, just 36% of women said they do likewise.

On-site gym

Of course, you could just offer your employees free gym memberships. Indeed, in a survey conducted by the market research firm Fractl, 12% of men said that they would take these into heavy consideration. However, 6% of male respondents said the same about an on-site gym.

It might sound like a rather high-end feature, but a gym can be integrated surprisingly easily into your workplace. You could visit the website of a workplace design firm like Maris Interiors to learn more about luxury office design and how on-site fitness amenities can form part of it.

Free food and drink

After you’ve worked out, what better to fill up on than a protein bar or shake? Even if your eating habits aren’t quite that fitness-conscious, it’s understandable why Google has gone as far as including chef-made lunches in its list of seemingly extravagant perks for employees.

In the Fractl survey, 10% of men called for free snacks, while 12% similarly advocated free coffee; these figures compare to 9% and 10%, respectively, from women in the same research.

Social bonding opportunities

Men seem slightly more open than women to mixing work with socializing. Again, the gulf between the genders isn’t huge; however, Fractl found that 7% of male respondents to its survey would strongly mull team-bonding events, while the same percentage favored corporate retreats.

Among the ladies, 5% and 6% said the same about these respective perks. Well, humans are undoubtedly social animals – whether they are from Mars or Venus.

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