Taimi Gay Dating and Social Network helps you to find your soulmate in a faster and safer way

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The number of LGBT dating apps in general and gay ones, in particular, increased dramatically in the last few years. However, due to the similar problems most of the apps have, many people are still hesitant regarding their efficiency. For those who are tired of the lack of sufficient security level, and hook-up orientation of many dating platforms, a young team of developers created Taimi, a combination of a dating application and a social network, that just in a year after the launch became one of the most favorite dating apps among the American gay men.

What is unique about Taimi?

It is not easy to compare Taimi with the other dating apps presented in the market. Being a combination of dating platform and social network, it represents something completely different from all the other apps in the dating niche. Below are a number of Taimi’s features that are rarely seen in dating apps.

  1. Thematic groups. The users can create and follow multiple in-app groups on different topics. Taimi users are creating a community, where they can communicate freely and express their opinions without any fear of being judged.
  2. Video calls. On Taimi you can not only talk with a person by typing messages but also make video calls. In addition to facilitating communication process, this feature makes online dating safer, as it provides you with the opportunity to see how a person behaves and interacts in real life before meeting offline.
  3. Additional communication tools. To make it easy to start a dialogue with someone you met online, Taimi’s developers introduced icebreakers that appear on your screen immediately after receiving a mutual like. Furthermore, the users also have an option to send GIFs, photos and video messages.
  4. Stories. A possibility to create and share stories is a powerful instrument for self-expression. It helps users to communicate with others, thus, speeding up the process of finding someone with shared interests.
  5. Feature request. It is always easier to improve a product when you are open to any suggestions of those who use it. Taimi’s developers constantly communicate with the users through a number of channels. One of such channels are feature requests. Suggestions that get most upvotes are later on added by the developers as new features.

An app that cares about community

By promoting diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination, Taimi makes it easier for gay people to combat unfair treatment of the society. United by a number of groups, the users do not feel isolated as it happens on many other dating apps. The possibility to share thoughts and information on the number of in-app platforms does not only make the experience on the app more interactive but also empowers minority groups online and offline.

Taimi is an alternative to the hook-up oriented dating apps

Taimi, unlike most of the other applications on the market, is one of the first dating apps made for people who want to find a partner or a friend for long-term interaction. The smart machine learning algorithm, groups based on interests, as well as the possibility to create and share stories become prerequisites for establishing a close connection with someone you meet online. According to the app’s developers, by focusing on long-term relationships, they not only aim to make changes in the LGBT dating industry but also wish to combat a number of stereotypes that exist in society regarding gay people.

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