Joint Pain Ruining Your Day? Try These 3 CBD Oils

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Many older individuals suffer from joint pain due to various types of arthritis and chronic inflammation. Although there is no cure for arthritis and other types of joint pain, there are premium CBD hemp oils that help to take the edge off the pain for a time.

Different CBD products can be helpful to those who have tried traditional or Western medicines and received no relief. First, there are a few criteria to go over in order to pick the best CBD for joint pain.

The company you are going to purchase the CBD products from needs to be transparent, have superior products, and the CBD needs to be of safe quality. Also, a CBD product that is made in the United States, in an FDA-registered facility is preferred.

Even though CBD oils are not FDA approved, the lab and manufacturing plant should be registered or certified to produce medicinally-grade substances by the FDA. Because of this type of certification, regular health and safety inspections are conducted and this helps to ensure the products are of the best quality.

Another consideration is what strength the CBD oils are in the product you are choosing. You may want to begin with moderate or medium strength, even if your pain is chronic or is at a 10+. If after a few weeks using the moderate or medium strength CBD products, you are not feeling much better, you could try the mighty products. The mighty is a full-strength CBD oil, with the maximum allowed amount of CBD.

Here are the 3 CBD oils to try for joint pain:

1. Heat Relief Roll-On

When it comes to joint pain, using a heat-style product first is often best. Apply a CBD heat product to your stiff and aching joints helps to loosen up the cartilage and blood around the sore area. This allows for more movement because there is less pain. After all, when your joints hurt, you do not want to move them, but that is exactly what you need to do to keep them in the best shape.

2. Cool Relief Roll-On

Once you have used CBD heat for a while, you will need to switch to cold or ice. Rubbing your joints with CBD cool roll-on allows for the blood around the stiff joint to slow down while helping to reduce swelling and control the pain. Again, this is so that you can move your joints more, which is always the goal.

3. Pain Relief Cream

A CBD pain relief cream is also recommended for deep and lasting pain control on stiff and aching joints. Much like the roll-on, a cream can be directed to the exact spot where the relief is needed. When it comes to joints like the elbow or knee, a roll-on may not reach the entire portion that is hurting. And typically, a cream or lotion will “stick” to the skin longer than some thinner medications.

If you are taking any prescription medications, always talk with your doctor before adding any CBD product to avoid any reactions.

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