How Do Honda Motorcycles Compare to Other Brands?

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Honda motorcycles are known for their affordability and reliability. This is a winning formula when you compare it to their competitors. As a favorite among buyers, it doesn’t take a lot to convince a consumer why Honda is a great fit.


Awards are one of the first things a consumer looks for when deciding on the worth of a brand. That is why there is a story behind every vehicle at a Honda motorcycle dealership Colorado. Awards show the quality of a company, especially when they can brag about their head-to-head matchups. Honda went from winning a few notable awards to completely spanking big brands like Toyota. Every year saw huge improvements in Honda’s bikes, and a lot of that progression can be attributed to their professional sports connections. Honda racing is a huge global motorsport name that many athletes swear by.

Resale Value

Reselling a bike is completely different than when you’re trying to move a car. The resale value for any bike will take a hit if the buyer has even an average idea of the market. Bikes are hard to sell, so the seller needs every advantage they can get. This is where Honda comes in, and once again shines over the competitors. If you maintained your bike well, then the resale value will be exactly what you expect. In fact, if you have specific Honda models, they will sell for several times more than what you actually paid for it. Honda’s age like fine wine, and collectors always have their eye out for bikes that are well-maintained.

Gas Mileage

This is a Honda benefit that is missed in a lot of bike reviews worldwide. Everyone knows that Honda bikes have great gas mileage. In fact, it is one of the main reasons the awards keep piling up. The truth is that a lot of the advances in bike gas mileage has been an improvement industry-wide. The reason all eyes are on Honda has to do with how it handles gas at the top speed. This separates Honda’s from the competition since they can perform at the limit without burning up a ton of gas. That leaves more money for maintenance, or more for upgrades – your pick!


The closest competitor in this department is BMW and Ducati. Rounding out the big three is Honda, and that includes both the old and modern variants of their best bikes. The reason Honda is king in the style department is thanks to a large modding community. Modified Honda bikes are next level, and the company has made it easy for hobbyists and professionals to create works of art. There are a lot of bike concept videos that have become reality thanks to an expressive Honda fanbase.

The Right Choice

When you’re hitting the highway like a bullet, nothing quite feels like a Honda motorcycle. It’s an experience unlike any other, and is a brand that has an incredible number of flagships. Get onboard with the hype to learn why Honda is always the right choice.

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