Clear Whiskey Proves That Making Regular Stuff “Clear” Is Just Gross

If you thought the “crystal” fad of taking normally colored things and making them clear was over, think again. While it may not have the cultural significance of Crystal Pepsi, Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey. Sure, it’s sort of neat to look at a bottle of whiskey that’s clear, and not that amber-caramel color, but it’s not…satisfying.

Taking your passion for aged whiskey a step further at home with these small whiskey barrels.

I want to be able to study the color of my whiskey, watching it change as the ice melts. It’s not like there aren’t already tons of other clear liquors out there. Why does whiskey have to be clear? It would be one thing if it had the color removed and still tasted like Maker’s Mark or Blanton’s, but early reviews of the product say it has a taste that falls “somewhere between whiskey and vodka.”

So, basically, it tastes like a mix of whiskey and nothing. Gross.

I wouldn’t say it’s as misguided as a boat full of Crystal Gravy, but it’s still pretty foul.