First Date Mistakes That Might Kill Your Relationship Before It Starts

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First dates really are truly special. You’ve likely heard this before and you’ve likely experienced several of them. However, it is entirely possible that you haven’t fully grasped the importance of that first date yet and how to make the most of it. You only get one chance to make a first impression. One and done, this is something that you will not later be able to change. On top of this, you’ve got unlimited options as to the things you can do. And, there is certainly no shortage of the ones that are actually bad ideas. While the very best option is to choose something that you’ll both enjoy, this isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do. Whatever the situation is, there are some options that you’ll want to avoid entirely.

Dinner Dates

You can spend hours researching first dates or great first date ideas and you will likely run across hundreds of sites telling you that dinner is always one of the best options. Unfortunately, this could not be more wrong. Dinner could, in fact, be one of the worst options out there and this is because it requires too much interaction. Now, you are probably thinking that you want and need interaction on a first date. You do, but not the type of interaction that a dinner date is going to offer. It is going to make the entire situation feel more like an interview than anything else. On top of this, you will be left staring into your cold pasta when the conversation runs dry or awkward. And, at some point, this always happens.

Now, if you are both foodies and enjoy a good meal, you do have options. Go somewhere that is way more casual like a hole in the wall. Heck, invite her over to your place to cook a meal together. This type of environment simply allows for more communication and rapport. Just make sure your date would feel comfortable coming to your home.

Movie Dates

If a dinner date gets you too up close and personal for a first date then a movie date is going to be the exact opposite. It is going to put you on the other end of the spectrum. And, that is because you are likely going to be sitting in silence the whole time. Even if you have other plans after the movie, sitting in the dark for an hour or two can kill all the momentum. There is nothing wrong with being a movie buff and if that is something you’re both into, you should consider visiting a movie set. Maybe find a famous location from a great movie that you’ve enjoyed and go there.

That being said, there is always the option of Czech VR. Movies like this can be enjoyed from any computer or electronic device and always make for great conversation. If nothing else, they’ll sure get the both of you in the mood for something a bit more romantic.

Group Activities

You’ll likely hear that group activities are a great way to break the ice on first dates. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. In fact, this is much like introducing your date to your family on the first date. After all, your friends are pretty much the family that you get to pick. It doesn’t matter how open or cool your friends are, you’ll want to avoid these kinds of interactions for a first date. Remember there is plenty of time for her to meet your friends and if you want to make the entire situation more laid back consider taking her somewhere more public where both of you can still spend quality time together.

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