Earn Money with CBD and THC

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It’s no secret that CBD and THC products are a hot commodity. In fact, we saw during the pandemic that the demand for these products were at an all time high; and big celebrities are also getting behind these products. So, you may be wondering how you can earn money with CBD and THC? It’s a lot easier than you think; we’ll be exploring some options that are available for anyone who wants to earn money with CBD and THC.

Wholesale CBD and THC

This one might take a little bit more effort, but it’s the best way to earn a high income with THC and CBD products. Purchasing CBD and THC at wholesale means you get a discount bulk prices and you’re buying at cost. This means that you’re able to turn around and resell these products at retail. Also, you don’t need to have a storefront in order to sell these products. However, there are different upsides and downsides to having a retail storefront, but you’re able to sell CBD and THC online and in certain states.

Retail Shop

One of the benefits of having a storefront is that you’re able to supply customers directly, and know what products are in demand. When someone is shopping online, it can take a couple of days for the product to arrive. However, with a retail store you can have the products readily available. Also, people who shop online tend to look for stuff that they are familiar with.

When a person enters a storefront they are able to shop face to face and ask questions. You don’t need to be a pro or know the ins and outs of Cannabis. There are plenty of blogs and Google searchers that can provide you with the answers that you need. One of the biggest advantages of having a storefront is that a person can shop around, feel the product, and get personal recommendations.

Online Store

If you don’t have big money to open up a storefront, a potential avenue that you can take is opening an online store. You are able to expand your reach to people all over the United States, in states that allow the sale of both CBD and THC. You will need to have some space to store all of your products, and have a way to ship products. However, software makes this a lot easier and you can charge customers for shipping.

There are many pros to having an online store which includes no real overhead. The money that you would spend on a storefront would best be used on online advertising. Also, tools that you can use to create a website include Shopify or WordPress or other e-commerce software. These platforms are very user-friendly at minimal cost versus hiring someone to create a website.

Steps to Take

Doing research on what you’re able to sell locally vs. online is the best way to start. This includes looking up local laws, and state laws along with what you’re able to sell across state lines. For example, you’re able to open up a Marijuana store in certain areas, but it requires a special license; however, you’re able to sell Delta 8 THC without a special license in certain states.

So, figuring out the cost of what you want to do would be very important along with the legal aspects. Although CBD can’t get people high, certain states still don’t allow the sale or use of it. Once you have figured out if you want to sell CBD, THC, or both, either online or in person, you’ll have to look up the legality. We suggest starting off with Delta 8 THC and/or CBD in order to avoid having to pay for any special license.

Begin Selling: Wholesale CBD and Delta 8 THC

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not interested in investing too much time or money in selling products, you can always sign up for an affiliate program. An affiliate marketing program is a process that allows everyday people (no experience or expertise required) to earn commission by marketing a company or products.

The affiliate chooses a product to promote, shares a unique link with the rest of the world, and earns a piece of the profit from every sale made. These programs are typically free to join and you can earn around 30% – 40% (Average) everytime someone uses your code or link. If you’ve ever listened to a podcast and the host mentions to use a special promo code to get a discount off a product; that’s what an affiliate program is!

Marketing Affiliate Links

Although affiliate marketing requires no experience or expertise, there are some proven methods that work. To kind of give you an idea on how people are earning money from CBD and THC using affiliate programs, these are some platforms that are very popular to earn money through.

Social Media

One of the best ways to promote your affiliate links is by utilizing all of the social networks you frequent. Social networks generate natural discussions and interactions with people all over the world, and your affiliate link will fit perfectly in the middle of them. You can share your links on Facebook, and this can encourage your friends or family to purchase products. Also, who doesn’t like getting a discount?

Other platforms also work such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., but it depends on which platform you’re most comfortable with. However, you might not be able to run any ads on these platforms as they don’t permit the sale of CBD or THC products. This might require you to get a little more creative, but it is possible!

YouTube Videos

You’re able to create YouTube videos where you try different products from the company. Although YouTube also doesn’t allow the sale of THC, you can make review videos then promote your affiliate discount code. This is a great way to reach out to people who are curious about trying products. The incentive would be how you reacted to the products, and a special discount if they want to try it themselves.

Landing Pages

There are several free options on the web to create landing pages that help sell products. To create the landing page, visit a blog site, sign up for a free blog, choose a template, customize it the way you want (usually to sell a specific product), then add content and your unique affiliate link.

Once you’ve created your landing page, share it on your social networks, create a business card, flyers, or anything that could possibly lead to you making a sale. The end goal is for you to make a sale and earn a commission. The best approach to this would be educational, letting potential customers know about your experience with the products.

Affiliate Program: Begin Application for Affiliate Program


There are many benefits to having a storefront vs. an online store and vice versa. It all depends on how much money you have to invest. However, if you don’t have any money to invest you can join an affiliate program. These programs are designed to help you earn extra cash, but it’s all commission based. It’s no secret that Cannabis is only going to get more popular, and you might as well earn a couple of dollars off it.

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