Choosing the Best Gift for the Lady in Your Life

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It’s a fact: women love handbags. And shoes. These two items convey a woman’s mood, style, and personality without any words leaving their recently glossed lips. As a husband or boyfriend, you may shy away from buying something so personal as a gift. It’s an individual choice, after all. But does it have to be?

Imagine your partner’s surprise when she opens her beautifully wrapped birthday gift and doesn’t find the perfume or jewelry that she’s come to expect. Instead, nestled invitingly in classy packaging is one of the beautiful bags that she’s longed for.

A pipe dream? Not at all. We’ve got some valuable tips to help you find the perfect designer bag or accessories that make the perfect gift for her.

Pick up on the Hints

Women have a way of dropping subtle hints into a conversation, and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss them.

Pay attention when you’re strolling along Fifth Avenue or window shopping in Bond Street. A longing look, a gentle stroke of a bag’s soft leather, or a surreptitious peek at the price tag may be all the hint you need. But if you’re checking out the football scores on your iPhone while stifling a yawn, you’ll miss these clues.

Know Her Style

This is an easy one, especially if you’re married or living together. Get up close and personal with the bags your partner already owns. Which ones does she use the most? Is there a color trend? Which designers does she prefer? She’s unlikely to appreciate you scavenging through her belongings, so it’s best to wait until she’s out having wine with her girlfriends before you delve in.

Speaking of her girlfriends, they’ll have valuable insight into her taste and handbag preferences. Fashion is a much-talked-about topic among women, and at some point, she’ll have expressed a desire to own a specific bag or her dislike for a particular designer.

Size Matters

Designer handbags come in all shapes and sizes and getting the size right is essential to the longevity of use that bag will enjoy. For instance, check out the latest collection of designer gifts for her by Valentino Garavani collection, where you can find large, small, and medium-sized bags. All have their place in fashion, you need to weigh up what your lady will use the bag for.

This factor will guide you in selecting the best size bag that is fit for purpose. For example, a fancy evening bag is unsuitable for her nine-to-five workday, and a designer tote won’t exactly glam up her Vera Wang evening gown.

Your partner undoubtedly has a favorite style or a go-to bag that she uses more than others. We’re not saying that you should replicate this, but it indicates a preference, and barring any other telling clues, it will certainly help you decide which style of bag to purchase.

If she travels light, then select a smaller bag with space for essential items, but if she’s a hoarder and packs for every eventuality that may occur during the day, a larger bag is what you need.

Get a Grip

It may not have crossed your mind, but how does your wife or girlfriend carry her bag? Does she prefer a long shoulder strap or smaller handles? Is she a fan of a clutch bag that she can tuck under her arm? The chances are that she prefers to be unencumbered during the day, opting for a crossbody or shoulder bag, but flashes a designer clutch bag during evenings out.

Final Words

A designer handbag is a gift that lasts. While it may seem like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, selecting the perfect bag is not an impossible task. Follow the clues, speak to those in the know, and you can surprise your love with a gift that is unique to her style.

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