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Blue Chew These Holidays

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Men around the world have turned to erectile dysfunction drugs to help them in the bedroom department. Any male suffering from erectile dysfunction will understand the pain and frustration this causes.  Whilst men will have supportive partners, finding a solution is always wanted. . We at have decided to look at a company that has been in this market for several years,  Men complain of the stigma attached to this and therefore many seem to ignore it and don’t seek help. However, over the past several years more and more men have opened up to trying new pills and medicine. Bluechew is a service dedicated to bringing prescription treatments for men who don’t like pills, do not want to go into the doctor, and want to have more confidence in bed.

Each patient is reviewed by a licensed physician or medical profession. With this they are able to offer patient care from licensed physician assistants to make sure any medical questions or concerns are answered. This service is different to any we have seen because of the following benefits:

  • No In-Person Doctor Visit
  • No Waiting In Line
  • No More Awkwardness

Cost of Subscription

The cost of subscribing to Blue is extremely reasonable starting at $20/ Month for either 5 chewable tablets of Sildenafil or 3 chewable tablets of Tadalafil.  If you want more you can choose a more expensive plan. This ability to add and remove chews makes all the difference. For those guys that are active more than 5 times per month then the website has subscription packaged for up to 16 chewies per month at $90.

What are you waiting for, go to and be ready for this holiday season. In case you are wondering whether ordering these prescriptions is safe, then the answer is  yes. All BlueChew Physicians are licensed in each state.

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