A Guide to A Girl’s Las Vegas Night Out

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Science has spoken, a girl’s night out is good for you. A night of dancing with your girlfriends can help you let off steam caused by the demands of work and family life. Letting your hair down and getting lost in the beat, significantly reduces stress levels. And the bond with your ladies is essential to survive the crazy, daily grind. So, round up your posse and start heading to Vegas for an awesome night.

Why Vegas?

Las Vegas night clubs are a perfect mix of glitz, glamour, and the hottest music from world-famous DJs. The strip boasts of luxurious bars with decadent services to make your night out one for the books. When the heat rises, some Las Vegas night clubs have outdoor pool areas or roof decks so you can drink in the energy of the Nevada air. To make the most out of the most iconic night out, here is the perfect guide for you and your girls.

What to Wear?

Ladies, this is the time to bring that little black dress out of semi-retirement. Pair your Vegas best with your sexiest heels. Ditch the cut-offs and sneakers. Remember, now is the chance for you to be seen at your hottest. Who knows, a night club host might approach you and offer your group a free VIP table with bottle service.

What to Bring?

An elegant clutch or crossbody bag will hold all your clubbing essentials. That age-defying serum you’ve been using may be working on you, so bring your ID even if you are over 21. Prepare enough cash to cover the entrance to clubs and a few rounds of drinks. An average Vegas night out may cost $150-$200. Also, make sure to have some money for tips.

Keep your touch-up arsenal to a minimum. Oil blotting sheets, eyeliner, and lipstick would be enough to keep your look gorgeous hours after you’ve hit the dance floor.

Do I Need to Book A Reservation?

Girls’ night outs are few and far in between, so you need to make sure that everything will be smooth sailing the moment you step in Vegas. A VIP Hosted Service allows you to skip the long lines and will bring you to the hottest clubs. For a fee, a Hosted Entry provider will transport you to the club via a limousine and quickly gets you in the coolest bars and venues.

If you already have a club of choice, you may opt to book a VIP table directly with them. Just be sure to show up early and bring an ID. Don’t take the risk of going without any reservation, or you’ll spend your precious evening waiting in line or finding a club that can accommodate your group.

What Are Some Rules for an Awesome Party?

Leave your bad-ass go-pros and cameras at home. Your smartphones are enough to capture Instagram -worthy pictures. They are allowed at all venues. Be polite and follow protocol. You may be feeling wild and free, but still, being at your best behaviour will go a long way. Don’t ask for anything illegal, or you might get kicked out of the bar.

So, group the girls and plan your ultimate Vegas night out. With these tips, you are well on your way to an unforgettable night with the most important women in your life.


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