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The Top 5 Goriest Movie Moments

Do you love a good horror movie? If so, check out this list of the top 5 Goriest Movie Moments to quench your blood thirst.


Image by bo sultan

Everybody loves a decent horror movie. Some people get off on the blood and guts and mucus spilling all over the place, while others prefer to cower uncontrollably in the arms of a loved one. Whatever the reason for watching a horror flick, there's no question that a decent film with plenty of gore can entertain an audience like no other genre.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of the top 5 Gory Movie Moments.

#5. Girl gets her eye cut off in Hostel


The plot

Three backpackers meet a Russian man in Amsterdam who tells them about a Slovakian hostel full of American-loving, promiscuous women. Like most men, the guys follow their penis to Slovakia for fun and fornication.

The scene

Do you remember how you felt when you first saw her eyeball sagging from the nerves after she'd met the unfortunate end of a blowtorch? How about when the guy doesn't know what to do and decides to cut it off? Personally, I was shaking my head in utter disbelief and I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or turn away! The oozing puss was really just the cherry on top of the whole thing. Although I didn't particularly rate the movie, this scene shows that a tiny bit of bodily puss can be more effective than blood and guts.

Video of the scene [not for the squeamish]


#4. Uncle Frank gets hooked in Hellraiser


The plot

Lunatic Frank Cotton purchases an antique puzzle box from a dealer in Morocco. When he solves the puzzle, chains fly out of the box and tear into his flesh. Then a guy with pins in his head, the aptly named Pinhead, restores the room. Hidden in the depths of the room, Franks soul is restored by a drop of his brothers blood. Frank then encourages his brothers wife Julia to bring him more bodies to restore himself.

The scene

The final scene in Hellraiser is cinematic gore at it's very finest. Sick and twisted Uncle Frank has almost restored himself, having killed his own brother in the process, and is about to kill his brothers daughter Kirsty. Unfortunately for Frank, the demons are back and he gets ripped to pieces by dozens of hooked chains tearing into his flesh and pulling him apart. Even with hooks pulling his cheeks apart to make him look like the Michelin man, Frank still manages to lick his lips in the way only a creepy Uncle can, before uttering the immortal line, "Jesus Wept."

Video of the scene


#3. Rhodes being torn apart in Day Of The Dead


The plot

The third movie in George A. Romero's Living Dead series is a zombie assault on a military establishment. Essentially, the zombies sweep through the underground compound, killing scientists and soldiers as they go. One of the scientists had been working on a zombie named 'Bub' to study how much of his mind was still human. Commanding officer Captain Rhodes doesn't like it and kills a few doctors before fleeing and leaving his own men to die.

The scene

After getting shot by Bub, Rhodes tries to escape through a door which inevitably leads to a load of zombies. You know what's going to happen when he opens the door but poor old Rhodes hasn't got clue. He gets tagged in the gut by Bub and the zombies grab him from behind. What's great here is the stretching of the skin right before he literally gets ripped into two pieces! All of his blood and guts ooze out in what is a very graphic scene indeed. Another great moment is when Bub gives him the military salute before leaving him to get devoured. Classic.

Video of the scene


#2. The torture scene in The Audition


The plot

A middle-aged Japanese man by the name of Aoyama who lost his wife seven years ago is urged by his 17-year old son to start dating women. The father and his friend (a film producer) hold mock auditions under the pretense of auditioning for a new film, so that they can find a suitable bride for him. As soon as he sees the beautiful Asami, with her soft voice and quiet confidence - he falls in love.

The scene

This entire scene is just a fantastic piece of torture and pain. To say that Asami is unstable would be the understatement of the century and when she finds a photo of Aoyama's dead wife, she flips a lid and spikes his drink. Upon waking, he finds that he has been injected with a drug that disables his muscles but keeps his nerves alert. The tension in this scene is amazing as Asami sticks large pins deep into his body and eyelids. As she tortures him she tells him that he will never be completely hers and that she will kill his son. The kicker in this scene is when she pulls out the sharp wire used to cut meat and bone and wraps it around his foot. If you haven't seen this movie, you really need to. The scene shown below is 8 minutes long but if you want to jump straight to the wire incident, skip ahead to 5.25 on the video.

Video of the scene


#1. Lionel chopping up zombies in Dead Alive/Braindead


The plot

Lionel is a young mama's boy living in a normal neighbourhood. That is until his evil mother gets bitten by an infected rat-monkey (don't ask). She gets sick and dies. But then she comes back to life as an undead zombie and begins killing and eating dogs, nurses, friends and neighbours - infecting residents of the town in the process. Lionel is the only one who can stop her...and them!

The scene

Holy blood-and-guts-fest Batman! This scene has it all. Lionel waltzes into a house full of zombies with a lawn mower strapped around his neck and nonchalantly proclaims, "Parties over!". What ensues is a blood bath of arms, fingers, ears, noses, and heads as he plows through the zombies like a man possessed. Over 300 litres of blood were used for this mammoth scene of zombie slaughter. Keep a look out for the random head that gets shoved into a blender and set to juice mode. It's sheer brilliance. I'd love to see what kind of zombie comedy type movie Peter Jackson could come up with if he were given a Lord Of The Rings sized budget.

Video of the scene

Obviously there are numerous horror movies with plenty of gore-tastic scenes to feast on so if you've got a list that differs to ours then leave us a comment listing your top five goriest movie moments and spread the love blood.

Sick stuff, great article,

Sick stuff, great article, keep up the good work...that Japanese chick makes me not want to go out on blind dates.

Is it wrong that me and my

Is it wrong that me and my friends laughed through those scenes? Especially hostel...the look on the faces of the old women when she jumps in front of the train is priceless..

but apart from hostel, it's a good list of gore-movies. I should go see them again

@Oscar - That chick scares

@Oscar - That chick scares the living daylights out of me.

@Dhruv - If it is wrong then I'm right there with you. Particularly Dead Alive. I thought the entire movie was a brilliant zombie comedy. Kinda like Shaun Of The Dead.

I think I'm going to be sick

I think I'm going to be sick after seeing that day of the dead video :queasy:

@Television Spy - Pretty

@Television Spy - Pretty decent for a film that was made in the mid-eighties, eh?

How about the opening beach

How about the opening beach scene from "Saving private Ryan"?

Or the scene from "Scanners" when Michael Ironside's head explodes?

Ichi The Killer = #1

Ichi The Killer = #1

you should look into the

you should look into the series called the guinea pig films... japanese 8 of them,none of which are related in story... some of, if not the, most graphic movies ever made.

Best part of the "Day of the

Best part of the "Day of the Dead" scene, for that scene and the rest of the 15 minutes of nonstop gore at the end of the movie, they went to the butcher's and used real entrails and everything. The bad part - the day before shooting that part, the refrigerator died and they didn't have the budget to get fresh unspoiled parts... Apparently most of the extras ended up vomiting after the scene was shot.

Nice list, that scene from

Nice list, that scene from Dead Alive was a definite must.

Another flick with some cool

Another flick with some cool gore features is Dead Next Door
One particular scene has a zombie head eat a guys finger, which then crawls out of the zombie neck... nice.

not to be a douche but

not to be a douche but instead of the hostel eye clip it should have been the hostel 2 clip where shes sittin in the pool with the naked girl above her. if you havent seen it since hostel 2 sucked besides that scene find it and watch that scene.

@John - That was pretty great

@John - That was pretty great when Ironside's head exploded!

@guy - I should definitely have scrapped Hostel and put Ichi in instead. The reason Audition made it in was because although it's not as gory by the standards of the other movies - it was the tension and build up of the scene that made it.

@someone - I will most definitely look out for those films. Thanks for the heads up.

@James - Yeah, I heard about that too. Probably made the scenes more realistic though because I imagine zombies do not smell nice.

@WolfZombie - Yep, it's an absolutely classic scene. I love it.

No mention of scenes from

No mention of scenes from John Carpenter's "The Thing"?

Well, we all have our favorites.

@John - I know, I know! In

@John - I know, I know! In the end I went with my preferred choices but you're right, The Thing has some great scenes that are worthy of being in this list.

How about the last five

How about the last five minutes of Rambo

The lethal overdose scene in

The lethal overdose scene in Re-Animator.

You made an article about the

You made an article about the goriest movie moments, yet didn't make ONE MENTION of the Guinea Pig series. A curse upon your houses.

Not sure if you saw movie

Not sure if you saw movie "Irreversable", but I think you might want to include it in your list. Very intense.

How about in Hard Candy, when

How about in Hard Candy, when the dude is getting his balls cut off, I almost puked.

Next time, please let someone

Next time, please let someone who is an actual horror fan create a list like this. Hostel? For the love of God. Many of the other commentators have hit on what should be in there.

hahahaha thats excellent! i

hahahaha thats excellent!
i ecpecially love the last two! lol

actually there was a scene in

actually there was a scene in Robocop (2 i think) when acid gets spilled all over some guy and he gets totally disfigured and his skin is just melting off him while he's alive. I remember having nightmares with that when I was a kid. Weird that it wasn't included

I think the scene that

I think the scene that impacted me the most was from a movie called th Gates of Hell. An incocent boy accused of murder (it was really the zombies) finds himself in his girlfreiends basement trying to convince his girlfreind he didn't do it. The girls father catches him and places his fface on a laith, jus thte look of the father as the drill like bit is peircing the kids face as if he is working a peice of wood. Horible

Anything by Takasi Miike (the

Anything by Takasi Miike (the director for Audition, referenced above) generally can go on this list. However, the one that immediately comes to mind would be his entry for Masters of Horror, "Imprint".


@Ron - Rambo loves gore,

@Ron - Rambo loves gore, doesn't he?

@WhiteMouse - Yep, great scene.

@Adam - Don't hate me for my lack of Japanese horror movie knowledge. Please?

@gene - Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check that movie out.

@fdisc0 - Oh yeah! That was a little uncomfortable wasn't it? How about it Hostel 2 when you get to see her rip his tallywhacker off. Ouch!

@Fred - Point taken, thank you.

@naomi - I'm glad you enjoyed it. By the way, I don't mean to sound like an insatiable flirt, but your name is i moan written backwards. ;)

@chewbie - I can't even remember the last time I saw Robocop. I'll be sure to look out for that scene next time I watch it though.

@Mike - That sounds pretty horrific. I'll see if I can check that movie out sometime soon.

@Cary - I've only seen a handful of his movies but I definitely need to watch more. Thanks for the recommendations.

So, never seen Cannibal

So, never seen Cannibal Holocaust, have we? Famously the most disgustingly grim and gory film ever made? I know you're under pressure to hammer out an insightful and in-depth article, but a little bit of research never goes amiss...

I'm not trolling or in a bad mood or anything, it's just we're living in Digg world, and a "correct" article instead of a "pussy half-assed" one is the difference between a veritable torrent of hits and a really bad name for yourself.

I see too many websites with potential go under. You can do it!

Tell people something they don't know!

There is a scene in Freddy

There is a scene in Freddy Kreuger's Nightmare on Elm Street that literally scare the crap out of me when I was a kid.

The scene is when a guy is going some bench presses in his room, and Freddy comes out, paralyzes the guy by pushing down on the bar while the guy is holding on to it. His arms break, and his bones POP out of his skin along with blood and screaming and...eeww. Just a naasty scene! :)

That is one sick japanese,

That is one sick japanese, she needs some major council!

great Picks, Dead Alive was banned in many countries.

I gotta check out the Guinea Pig series now.


@mikey mike - She's at least

@mikey mike - She's at least one sandwich short of a picnic that's for sure. As for the Guinea Pig series, we both need to check that out now.

You need to add American

You need to add American History X - where he makes the guy bite the curb.


Deadly Friend: The

Deadly Friend: The Basketball.

Scared the shit out of me as a kid.

[...] The Top 5 Goriest Movie

[...] The Top 5 Goriest Movie Moments. I’m not a huge fan of horror/gore, but surprisingly, I’ve seen four out of these five before stumbling upon this. I happened across this scene in The Audition one night when I was just grazing through the channels. It was on IFC, I think. Quite the attention-getter. Needless Warning But I’ll Say It Anyway: These are uhh… gory. NSFW and all the usual disclaimers apply. [...]

[...] The Top 5 Goriest Movie

[...] The Top 5 Goriest Movie Moments | Just A Guy Thing Everybody loves a decent horror movie. Some people get off on the blood and guts and mucus spilling all over the place, while others prefer to cower uncontrollably in the arms of a loved one. Whatever the reason for watching a horror flick, there?s no question that a decent film with plenty of gore can entertain an audience like no other genre. [...]

this is really sick stuff,

this is really sick stuff, but i kinda liek it all the same, i was watching with my sister, she walked out on te best part.

@ Christian: I don't hate

@ Christian: I don't hate you:-) But yes, definitely check out the Guinea Pig series. Also, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of Salo, definitely do so. You will likely find it enjoyable.

Also, check out Zombie from Lucio Fulci...if you thought the eye scene in Hostel was nasty, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

No Riki-Oh? Sure it was more

No Riki-Oh? Sure it was more of a stupid/fake gory, but it was definitely bloody! I have to admit Ichi had some nice moments as well. :)

Passion of the Christ.

Passion of the Christ. Seriously. That's some blood-porn right there.




HOSTEL 2 (Which totally ripped off a lot of these older movies)

POULTREYGIEST!!!!!! (opening scene or bathroom sequence)

Not the biggest fan, but for the gore factor, SAW 2-4

MANIAC (Tom Savini getting head blown off with shotgun)

Riki-Oh(Story of Ricky)

Riki-Oh(Story of Ricky) should be put on this top 5 list, immediately. only film to be rated "X" in japan for violence instead of sex.


[...] [...]

@d3f - Yeah that was a

@d3f - Yeah that was a painful scene to watch.

@FatherG - I chuckled at that scene. :-p

@Joe - Yeah it's pretty sick!

@Adam - Thanks for all the great recommendations buddy.

@Juggling Mike - Great film that I haven't seen for a good while.

@Badaxe - Jesus, that film was terribly brutal!

@Chitty - Wow, I haven't seen Maniac for a hell of a long time. What a great movie.

@gelatin - Yeah, in hindsight I should have made this a top 10 list.

Thanks for the comments everyone (even the negative ones) they're much appreciated.

The Asian chick with the foot

The Asian chick with the foot wire; really 'turned' me on!

God I'm sick of the MPAA

God I'm sick of the MPAA forcing YouTube to pull movie clips off the site. SCREW YOU MPAA!

- Tate

yes!! Mad praise from one

yes!! Mad praise from one horror hound to another!

I checked to make sure Dead

I checked to make sure Dead Alive was #1. It is so this is an exact list. Great job.

I love gore movies! The

I love gore movies! The Audition is only film in the list I have not seen yet. I'll check it out. Nice torture scene!

DEFINITELY cannibal holocaust

DEFINITELY cannibal holocaust and Zombie. From Beyond used to creep me out as a kid. Fangoria presents I, Zombie was cool. good job on bringing up Deadly Friend... crazy movie there. if i think of anything else ill be back.

[...] The Top 5 Goriest Movie

[...] The Top 5 Goriest Movie Moments | Just A Guy Thing Do you love a good horror movie? If so, check out this list of the top 5 Goriest Movie Moments to quench your blood thirst. [...]

@Neo - Nice pun. ;) @Tate

@Neo - Nice pun. ;)

@Tate - You're preaching to the converted, brother. Amen.

@Taytay - Why thank you. Enjoy the gore.

@hellnah - Had to put Dead Alive as number one. I love that movie!

@gina - Let us know what you think of the Audition after you see it. Just don't go getting any ideas if your boyfriend breaks up with you.

@Diggity - Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated.

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