Bra Deflects Bullet and Saves Woman’s Life in Shooting

Let us now praise the mighty brassiere. Not only does the bra lift and separate, it also saves lives. In the town of Salvador, Brazil, a woman who was shot in the chest by robbers recently survived the attack because she had stuffed money into her bra.

Ivonete Pereira was traveling by bus to her summer home in the nearby town of Lauro de Freitas when gunmen stormed the vehicle. A shoot out started between the robbers and a police officer on the scene and a stray bullet hit Miss Pereira.

Luckily, the lady was prepared. Because of frequent bus attacks in the region, she had hidden 150 reals (about $70) coiled inside the left cup of her bra. It was just enough to absorb most of the bullet’s impact, although she had to be taken to a hospital to remove the bullet.

Alas, the assailants managed to escape.

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The Man Who Sells Weed on Twitter

Meet Dann Halem, the man who is building an online business selling marijuana on Twitter. How is this possible? Well, first off, he lives in California where medical marijuana is legal. He’s also got a non-profit license which might (or might not) allow him to sell pot.

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Halem, who graduated from Northwestern’s journalism school and seems like an all around normal guy, set up the @artistscollctve Twitter account last week. Artists Collective is a medical marijuana delivery service located in Hollywood and delivering free to “patients” throughout Los Angeles.

On Twitter, Halem posts helpful tweets like:

TGIF! We have some new meds coming in soon. Right now, order a quarter and get a gram for free. Tax included, free delivery, we take plastic


BB Kush, NY Soma, SD Strom, Forrest G, Green C, Baby Crunch, Spy Diesel, buy 1/4 get gram free. Baked goods, Grams, Joints avail.

Technically Halem’s business is legal in California, but not in the eyes of the federal government. So if you live in L.A., get your doctor’s note ready, because Halem might not be doing this for long.

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